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  1. LordGanny

    Stun Weapons

    I do like the idea of diminishing returns on stun weapons. Other uses for these weapons would be shock troops, and boarding parties. The ability to possibly lock down a player(s) while boarding/attacking or defending would allow for an interesting alternative to the typical kos style of game play we have all come to know.
  2. LordGanny

    Stun Weapons

    The only thing our prison would be used for, would be traitors and spy’s within our own alliance. Prison sentence would only be a couple hours allowing us the ability to determine how bad the leak was, respond to it, and seize retribution (monetary, or resources). It would not be so much a restriction on game play, so much as it would be a way to keep all of us safe. But it the whole system is useless without the ability to capture.
  3. LordGanny

    Stun Weapons

    Just an idea I am tossing around with my faction, is the ability to make and run a prison, and to be able to run bounty hunting missions. So I am thinking of ways to capture prisoners alive, and I have a few ideas, but one thing that would greatly improve that ability would be stun weapons. It would also add to pvp by giving us the option to choose lethal vs non lethal actions.
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