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  1. If there’s no sub, then there’s no guarantee of further content, without further content the game dies.
  2. I think there are higher priorities. Many of them.
  3. Great work, love that it’s nice and compact and at the bottom, looks really great. Can’t wait to try it out.
  4. I play the game every day, I’m frequently on discord and constantly in the forums. I have only heard rumour of the obelisks.
  5. Sounds like an extension of the mission functionality
  6. One slightly concerning comment that was made: “we hope to only have to launch once” …….soooo there might be further wipes and launches? I'm pro a wipe for a clean launch, but only if it’s confirmed to be persistent after that point.
  7. Great news and exactly the type of reset the game needs. I look forward to getting a great many friends to join the game at launch.
  8. Yeh it’s a good change, they havnt said what will happen to existing towers…. But then we all know there’s gonna be a wipe, so I guess that will sort it.
  9. Only if you want to manufacture it?
  10. The one thing I like about this approach is it means NQ can set prices in the future, thereby making it possible to adapt as the economy changes. They have to have this flexibility as it’s impossible to get it right at the start, and future features will require further changes to prices.
  11. Love the concept, will be interesting to see exactly how it’s been designed. Looks quite small at the moment, I hope the design is able to scale well
  12. Completely agree, I think it’s very likely that most talent points will be wiped. They may allow us to keep a couple of months worth at most.
  13. This. Please don’t call it flotilla, fleet or group, really anything else.
  14. I assume BPs will not be wiped, so I play to create them.
  15. The latest big patch seems particularly buggy. They put anti stacking checks in place which stops elements from working if placed too close together. Your stuff is all gone because you have to pay tax to keep territories now. Most people are expecting release to be later this summer, and they expect a major wipe, so most people are waiting for that.
  16. please can you answer some questions about long term plans for territory warfare, and weather there's going to be any balancing changes to warping
  17. I’m building ships for sale post launch. Nothing else has any meaning now. Once launch happens, and assuming a fullish wipe, I look forward to: Building an industry Runs to the market to sell stuff Calibrating MUs Weekly hauling runs to sell ore Running missions in between the above Mining asteroids PVP above all else I hope that keeps my org going for 6 months, by which time NQ need to introduce territory warfare.
  18. The radar changes were needed, it was silly that you could have radar inside your ship. But yes, I completely agree that the elements need to be resigned, or at least the large version does.
  19. I agree, but it’s perception that matters, not reality.
  20. Letting people keep talent points would put off a lot of potential converts from eve, as they will perceive it as too big a head start (as that’s an issue with the way eve is setup). I’m assuming whatever NQ does will be purely driven by keeping the game alive, which is all any of us should care about.
  21. Those timelines look reasonable, however i predict the wipe will be everything except BPOs.
  22. What about factoring in hit chance from having a bigger ship due to voxel tank? Or is the assumption that the voxels could all fit within the cross section of guns/engines? Is the summary here that voxel tanks are only for big + slow ships with the current patch?
  23. I don’t really get what you think the devs missed with it? Personally I don’t want to have my hand held too much, I like to learn the game myself where possible and resort to tutorials only when absolutely required.
  24. They need to make the game generally a bit more gritty, everything is a bit too bright and slightly cartoonish. Maybe it would simply require minor changes to things like contrast, or maybe they also need to make soem changes to the honeycomb options available, or some changes to the way lighting works. I also agree the shields, although generally nice, do need to be tuned down.
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