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  1. Greetings Howdy o7! Sounds like BOO is the place for you, check them out.
  2. Greetings! - Grüße! I've always loved working with wood. I can't wait to have my own shop, where I can tinker around with building things. Hopefully you find a group that you will get along with. This community is quite diverse.
  3. i dunno sounds a little no mans sky-ish to me lol. wouldn't it be more interesting for players to make their own for people to find? might do that myself
  4. lol!!! of course they do, i believe the devs said they will be destructible also. probably wont be easy though. until that happens im sure you will be fine
  5. The safe zones are going to be quite large i believe. Not sure how they will work either, but it probably wont let enemies come inside of them. dont see how another ship could drag you out of one. P.S. I don't believe you ever responded to my message, that i sent you a while back
  6. I think they got us confused somehow Lethys
  7. Greetings Aeon_II I believe BOO may be the place for you Also Frogstorm I know is all EVE players, but i don't think they recruit.
  8. Greetings Tendane! I am the same way. I just want to design, build and explore. This is also why i came up with a racing league, for hovercraft. There are many peaceful organizations that have been created. I could suggest some to you, if you want.
  9. Ruby Founder! What do you want to be in the game? Do you want to be in a somewhat laid back organization or a more serious organization? Either way you can make a post in the arkship pub, introducing yourself and say you are looking for a org.. the recruiters will come for ya. I'm in the solar empire -We're a more laid back. will be more peaceful, only using force when necessary. We are also kind of a star wars fan group, you don't have to be though.
  10. i like how me and anasasi posted the like the same thing at the same time. when i clicked the post, there were no replies....
  11. Hello, they are still working on it. Should be pretty soon here, you will receive a email.
  12. Xplosiv


    You Love star wars Wilks!!
  13. no mans sky.... dont even get me started. If there are 18 quintillion planets, how many asteroids are there?
  14. Greetings MuadDib! Yes the mining does look quite interesting! Check out the organization "Alpha Academy" - https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/alpha-academy you could check out the alpha academy discord - https://discord.gg/MdmyZJZ
  15. Do you mean the size of the playable area? PS i'm usually the last one to call this out, but this subject is in the wrong section.
  16. would be nice for the hovercraft races also
  17. Thanks, you need a application lol? I am not familiar with star citizen, I will have to check it out. Yeah we could always branch out into other things. The other thing i would like to get going is Team based PvP events in arenas.
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