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  1. and Before anyone says nothing.. no im not opening a ticket.. dont feel like being stuck at the market for 1-3 weeks.. i'll fix my ship.. only want a real response to the major problem at hand. its easier to buy /make scrap then actually have to replace parts. less chance of being stranded some were when doing simple task like going to market.
  2. SO i just flew to a near by Market place. and upon landing a small ship roughly 1/10th the size of my ship flew into my ship. the ship was barly or just as lasrge as 1 of my L landing gear. I lost 19 elements. and only 1 is damaged but almost in the red. thanks to all the information from the UI .. i was descending approx about 20-40km was no longer moving forward to be more accurate .. and a small ship zooming across my screen collided with me. SO with this future update planned.. So i would like to know PUBLICLY ... how is the fair to anyone? is there any plans to fix ship collision based on mass? maybe a crime system put in for speeding around markets.? i HIGHLY doubt your going to tell us all "O well" now im 100% sure this was a accident please enlighten me whats going to stop people from doing this on purpose.
  3. SO i just flew to a near by Market place. and upon landing a small ship roughly 1/10th the size of my ship flew into my ship. I lost 19 elements. and only 1 is damaged but almost in the red. SO with this future update planned.. I would like to know.. as much as the rest of us.. what now.. seems extremely not fair that this is to happen.. so there plans on fixing ship collision based on mass or this is going to be the new norm. ??? I highly doubt dev's are reading any of this so im sure most of this can be fairly and accurately assume by the backers and future buyers into this game..
  4. I don't know whats worse.. A carbon tax IRL or this blunder of a idea
  5. i can just see all the griefers eyes just pop out of there skulls while drooling. GG
  6. this perm destruction of the elements.. there is way to much wrong with this game currently to even be considering this. 1st crashes do to server side related stuff. You dont have enough staff members to keep up with those complaints let alone right now. 2nd Ive flown many variations of ships . and im sure others can agree because of current Hover height limits / wing limits its a royal pain to traverse even the easiest of bumps in the road. 3rd flight controls. its 2020 were is the controller support . i'd settle for attleast the Xbox controller support tho im sure most of use would love Hotas support. Unless were flying something really small its rough flying period in this game. 4th crafting times is a nightmare as it IS.. weather or not you have talents for it or not... whats the point in even spending the time picking up the talents for this stuff when it still takes you hours to craft. im going to spend half my time just replacing all the elements with 50 hp. go 40 speed and glaze a hill im trying to go over and the and some random element on the other side of the ship that didnt get hit gets destroyed.. 5th see others are asking about a quick replacement element tool to go with this update. i highly doubt it was even considered. 6th what about all the voxel traps people been placing around markets ?????? so how it this patch really going to be fair to well ANYONE?? Don't get me wrong. i like this idea. but the game is far from ready for this. because of the lack of other solar systems its hard even getting to another planet outside the safe zone without being caught by PVP'ers , whens that balance going to take place i wounder. its dangerous enough just trying to go to the market in one peace to attempt to sell stuff. and now soon due to other faults that need to be taken care of 1st slight fender benders due to bad element designs by devs and controls just trying to get to A to B on the safe areas can just wreck my day. Games are supposed to be FUN not a JOB. future update folks people can crash randomly into your parked ships while your logged out for the day and wreck your stuff while your away.. seeing this news about this change in elements alone. Makes me feel like i was robbed a couple years ago when i bought my Gold founders pack . litterly mined up about 3kt of ore today for a project now i feel like ive waisted my time.
  7. Between a 5th kid and computer issue its been WAAAAAAAY to long sense i checked up on DU... I have a Gold founder membership and i forgot what that entitles me to.. so please any information on that would be great cause i cant seem to find any reliable information on that or im just blind.. 2nd question and i see i can further contribute if i want to.. i esp like that i can possible throw my friends some beta keys... if i pledge/back the game any further does that override my current Gold status? any links and information in general would be super awesome guys.. thankyou in advance.
  8. I have been following this game very intently. and yes i havnt backed the game yet . im very reluctant . why. i work 40 +hours a week and have a family. Now i come to understand this game is all about immersion. so you have a ship. and sense its not apart of the world its called a construct.. another words movable entity .. so you park you ship in a safe zone to log out. maybe you got the means to hover while your logged out. maybe you have to park to conserve power. i would imagine even firing a weapon in the safe zone would merit a vist from local NPC ot player authorities. so to speak. but whats to stop people from designing a ship that can litterally have a hull design to drop over your ship and slowly drag your ship out of the safe zone. ??? just had this thought today . i havn't seen any topic on this matter i could be wrong but i would like some community feedback and or idea's i may be over looking
  9. I think it would be Hard on the Dev's to make planets regenerate esp with Players actively gathering resources... BUTTTTTTTTTT a much better solution to keep local supplies going and going. it would make much more sense and most likely easier on dev's to have asteroids randomly spawn in specific area's .. IE metal rich , icy based. what what ever other chemical or minerals we may com across. would make much more sense and alot less stress on servers to just pop up asteroids randomly then regen planets i would think. even in Real life in our own cosmic backyard there is countless asteroids rockly/ metal/icy in SOL alone. so yeah will have to tear up a relitivly small % of a huge planet but out in space. and relative to time the resources are virtually unlimited
  10. I been Looking at this game for a few months now. and latly the kick starter program. Im seriously interested in this game. But i have a few questions that searching mindlessly threw the forums seems to be left unanswered .. 1. You build a Small Base. via on a planet or Asteroid whatever. obviously this is where your gonna set up shop and have a place to collect resources for the time being and untill you can make a Larger ship or whatever ETC ETC ETC.. What keeps your hard work safe from others ? lets face it. like all other MMO's or MMO simm's there gonna be a selection of player who rather just ruin others fun for there own personal enjoyment. as much details on this topic plz. 2. I saw something about play solo.. this mean there a SOLO mode.. or ment as in its all open play but you can just stray off and do your own thing but there is a slight chance you may come across someone else. 3. if there are other mods. are there going to be private group modes for just you and your friends to avoid larger player bases that would like to just over tax and control markets. I read many forums about in game politics potential . but at same time i see player groups or (fleets) in this case . basically making it hard for others to progress and or have a good online exp with DUAL Universe . sry for the typos its been a long day.
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