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  1. I have been following this game very intently. and yes i havnt backed the game yet . im very reluctant . why. i work 40 +hours a week and have a family. Now i come to understand this game is all about immersion. so you have a ship. and sense its not apart of the world its called a construct.. another words movable entity .. so you park you ship in a safe zone to log out. maybe you got the means to hover while your logged out. maybe you have to park to conserve power. i would imagine even firing a weapon in the safe zone would merit a vist from local NPC ot player authorities. so to speak. but whats to stop people from designing a ship that can litterally have a hull design to drop over your ship and slowly drag your ship out of the safe zone. ??? just had this thought today . i havn't seen any topic on this matter i could be wrong but i would like some community feedback and or idea's i may be over looking
  2. I think it would be Hard on the Dev's to make planets regenerate esp with Players actively gathering resources... BUTTTTTTTTTT a much better solution to keep local supplies going and going. it would make much more sense and most likely easier on dev's to have asteroids randomly spawn in specific area's .. IE metal rich , icy based. what what ever other chemical or minerals we may com across. would make much more sense and alot less stress on servers to just pop up asteroids randomly then regen planets i would think. even in Real life in our own cosmic backyard there is countless asteroids rockly/ metal/icy in SOL alone. so yeah will have to tear up a relitivly small % of a huge planet but out in space. and relative to time the resources are virtually unlimited
  3. I been Looking at this game for a few months now. and latly the kick starter program. Im seriously interested in this game. But i have a few questions that searching mindlessly threw the forums seems to be left unanswered .. 1. You build a Small Base. via on a planet or Asteroid whatever. obviously this is where your gonna set up shop and have a place to collect resources for the time being and untill you can make a Larger ship or whatever ETC ETC ETC.. What keeps your hard work safe from others ? lets face it. like all other MMO's or MMO simm's there gonna be a selection of player who rather just ruin others fun for there own personal enjoyment. as much details on this topic plz. 2. I saw something about play solo.. this mean there a SOLO mode.. or ment as in its all open play but you can just stray off and do your own thing but there is a slight chance you may come across someone else. 3. if there are other mods. are there going to be private group modes for just you and your friends to avoid larger player bases that would like to just over tax and control markets. I read many forums about in game politics potential . but at same time i see player groups or (fleets) in this case . basically making it hard for others to progress and or have a good online exp with DUAL Universe . sry for the typos its been a long day.
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