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  2. Hey everyone, I backed this game off of Kickstarter ages ago and according to my profile I made a post here back in 2016. My life is calming down so I decided to check back in and am downloading the game currently for whenever the next test is. I do have a question, I see via Kickstarter that my pledge seems to have had some physical items that it says should have been mailed out back in December. I only just added my address, what is going to happen with this? Also what exactly is the game like. I am excited to test it, and reading some threads here have made me look forward to doing so. Thanks for any feedback or help. Sorry if this isn't the right place. Edit: I suppose another question I have, is why my Kickstarter rewards list is different stuff than when I look at the reward tier on the Kickstarter page.
  3. Hey guys, I have an extremely dumb question here about the Kickstarter and I searched around a little but found nothing recent for my question below. I backed the project and have not to my knowledge received any email about my rewards or anything past the #24 update. Nor do I see a way to link this account to anything from there. Just wondering if I missed something or if nothing has come out and they are still working on it. Thanks for any help!
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