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  1. Hey everyone! If you didn't already know, Cinderfall has a couple of game servers up and running in both vanilla Minecraft and a totally awesome Feed the Beast Minecraft server with an upcoming custom Cinderfall modpack! Anyone is welcome to join XD We're also based in Avorion and Conan Exiles, so pop into our Discord server over here and get all the deets. Look out for Space Engineers and Hellion servers soon too! Cheers, Astro
  2. Or you know, NQ could always appoint volunteer moderators in-game like they did on the forums. Have them be trusted and vetted beforehand in order to avoid any abuse of power. On that note, they should also be anonymous to protect themselves from unwanted attention. For the same reason, I am against any sort of NQ-appointed "interstellar board/council" to oversee moderation or the like. Yes, in the end it should be the community itself that decides whether or not it's mature enough to police for these kinds of things - NQ need only give it the resources to do so.
  3. This is Empire with the white triangle I believe.
  4. Excellent post! I'll have to fully dissect it with a bagel and coffee.
  5. This. It was the oddest thing that I came across DU as I was imagining such a game, which at the time I thought could only be fantasy, but not anymore
  6. It's an interesting problem to discuss for sure. There was some talk about log-off mechanics back a while ago. What I believe to be an ideal solution (in my limited expertise) is this: Players must log off while they're in stasis. In other words, players must first find a "stasis chamber" (a bed, if you will) to put their avatar into a dormant state, where they can safely log off. From this point, their avatar will disappear from the universe. When they log back in, they will respawn at the stasis chamber where they logged off, wherever that might be. Therefore, stasis chambers can be installed on ships and no one will be left behind. If there is no stasis chamber available, you can still log out, but your body will ragdoll, and you'll be left at the mercy of the forces. If your body suffers fatal damage, you will die and respawn at the nearest Resurrection Node. If you log out in a stasis chamber and that chamber is destroyed, you will also die and respawn at the nearest RN. EDIT: Lol you beat me to it with the cryopods, Dark. However, I don't believe that a stasis chamber should have an occupied status, or for very large ship crews, you'll also need a very large number of stasis chambers. Your body should simply disappear when you log off and another person can simply use the same chamber. Maybe your body gets shifted to another dimensional plane, if you want to be scientific about it.
  7. Just wanted to drop in and say I love reading DUSleepers when I have a spare moment! Always lots of good stuff to dig into.
  8. Yeeup. On behalf of the Cinderfall Department of Finance, LozBank looks forward to getting scammed along with you.
  9. New? Chromion's been on the map since the dawn of DU XD
  10. Nice! Looks amazing, very NSA-esque.
  11. Aha...it's funny that this should be brought up. I remember such a topic thread from long ago in the early days of Dual Universe. Indeed, it was one of the hotly debated issues of the time. https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/723-food-and-water There it is ^ Lots of good information and points made there
  12. At a fundamental level, I do not support this suggestion. While it is well-motivated, I will second points made by Croomar that especially at this stage, such a measure would appear as a cash grab to those skeptics or prospective yet borderline players. And again, this would only be a short-term fix (as Kurock said, what happens when the pledge portal closes?) that would take far more time to implement than the root problem ever appears. Consider also current organizations founded by non-backing members. Should those be removed then, or be allowed to remain, and what would be the reasoning for either decision? In addition, it is worthwhile to note that, although not particularly prevalent currently, such a measure would only serve to take Dual Universe one step closer to an elitist and divided gaming community. In other words, there will exist a rift between "backers" and "non-backers" (read: elites vs. peasants) that would eventually fundamentally undermine the communal cohesion that we all currently enjoy, and that diversity is what makes Dual Universe that much more incredible. So no, my two cents say no to this idea of allowing only backers to found organizations.
  13. NQ mentioned something trivial a good number of months ago. They suggested something along the lines of natural "resource-regen meteor showers", which I would assume to be natural events that occur and gradually regenerate a planet's resources (and I would assume voxel layout) by bombarding it with resource meteors...? I did say it was trivial.
  14. Because leaderboard.
  15. So is the Discord link supposed to expire after a while? It doesn't work for me at least.
  16. Illiterate leaders are the best leaders.
  17. I was thinking more like...mad scientist's supersoldier breeding facility. Basically the same thing though.
  18. How exactly does a player play as a non-player character?
  19. Welcome, and ditto to Void! Sounds really fascinating - would love to find out more!
  20. What wretched soul decided to bring this sad excuse of a thread back to life? My poor "New Content" list is absolutely congested.
  21. Definitely a mix of biomes. A really nice and warm tropical island chain but where the mainland also has some gorgeous, beautiful mountains and expansive countryside. A good place to build those enchanting French chateaus and Greek villas.
  22. Well this looks like a jolly time. I look forward to attending!
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