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  1. Thank you for the feedback : ) I guess I could merge the A with the circle... It would just look even more borderlands-esque then. (And I am not sure if I want that.)
  2. I really like the futuristic style as well - your logo looks good : ) I designed a construct brand a while back:
  3. Certainly, your dedication in writing the lore of your own organization (which I noticed you publishing over quite some time) has to be admired, especially since the game you write it for isn’t even in an alpha yet. It’s quite obvious that you are having a lot of fun doing so. Keep it up!
  4. This is actually a really interesting question I hadn’t thought off before. The handling of sound within an atmosphere seems more like a technical detail to me (I presume it will fall off with the inverse square of distance, or something like that). But due to DU’s nature the devs might actually need to make some tweaks for massive amounts of players – nobody wants a mess of white noise or broken sounds if they are in a room filled with players. What I think is more interesting though is sound in space – this has gameplay and atmosphere ramifications, depending on the level of realism the team at NQ is going for. Personally I would prefer no sounds in space – but there are reasons for why one might opt against that. Does anybody have info from NQ about this?
  5. I remember NQ saying that markets will definitely work that way (stating that this will encourage local marketplaces with shorter shipping times). From this point of view your shipping company definitely makes sense. I don’t know anything about the whole “quest”/task system, but maybe someone else has information about that.
  6. They said second stretch goal - sounds like the character customization will be in the release, and CvC will follow later. Would make sense since we reached 550k and customization was just 50k past CvC. So if NQ doesn't do CvC now they should have the funds for customization.
  7. Those are some amazing plans, and an exiting project. I wish you the best of luck. (And maybe offer a helping hand)
  8. Welcome Qddiez. I think everybody on this forum has high hopes (and expectations) for Dual Universe. Also if DU delivers what is promised your real life might dwindle to a few hours
  9. Thanks guys Also thanks for filling out the survey (I assume).
  10. Yes. All of that. Thanks. Kind of, actually. Just far less elaborate... for now.
  11. Thanks. Will be interesting to see how it all actually plays out in the game.
  12. A D A S T R A E N T E R P R I S E - Quality. Innovation. Together. - Executive Summary (aka tl;dr) : Ad Astra (Latin: To the stars) is a construct/spaceship brand that brings designers and retailers together, to allow you to zoom around with a quality set of (rocket) engines. Anybody should be able design or sell Ad Astra Constructs, and you can still be a member of any other organization: Just apply Here. Feel free to flick me a PM as well. Also Feedback is appreciated. Thanks : ) The Idea: Let's say your a spaceship designer, and you have just build an amazing ship. You will probably want to sell it (well, the blueprint), in order to make cash and build even more amazing and bigger things. Also, wouldn't it be great if hundreds of people flew in your creation... So you set up a shop. You sell a couple ships. Time passes by. You start thinking: What if there was a better way? What if I could make a lot more money? What if a lot more people could enjoy my amazing ship? This is where Ad Astra comes in: After a quality check we buy your blueprint and distribute it to our retailers across the galaxy. Whenever a ship is sold, you get a percentage of the price. This way you can sell your ship to a lot more people then you could have done before, and make more money. Let's say your a salesman, a miner. You have the machinery, you have the resources. All you need to do, is make the max profit out of them. It did not take you long to figure out that constructs are a lot more valuable than raw resources, and so you set up a shop. You sell a couple ships. Time passes by. You start thinking: What if there was a better way? What if I could make a lot more money? How do my customers know that they can rely on my ships? This is where Ad Astra comes in: Just become a member (you are still free to be part of any other organization) and you are granted the license to sell Ad Astra brand ships. Now your customers know that they can rely on the quality of your builds, and you are able to sell ships that you could not have build yourself, under a known brand. Do you hear that? That's the sound of profit. Let's say your an Explorer, Fighter, or just having fun (You should. Otherwise you would be wasting your time). Personally, you have a certain interest in staying alive. Also in quality ships. Good looking ships. So guess what: You go to your local Ad Astra salesperson. You buy an amazing design. You take off and blow stuff up. Now you can say to your friends: “I'm flying a double A.” Or “I'm flying an Astra.” Or whatever you want to say. What to do? Join Us. So what the fu... fudge is Ad Astra? We are a brand. That means that any member can sell our approved ship models. I expect there to be more brands, and I expect every brand to have a unique look and selling point. But Astralator, I hear you saying : That's not quite how a brand works in real life. Well my fellow Forum member: it actually kind of is. Also this is Dual Universe, and I have just decided that this is a brand in Dual Universe. The detailed Stuff: So how is this entire thing going to work in detail? Well the game is sort of kind of not quite ready yet, and when I know more I might decide to give specific policies. I do already have several solutions for issues like: Intellectual property, paying everybody and ensuring that no money gets “lost”, quality control, distribution. If you think that there is an issue I have not thought about, feel free to comment, I am happy to discuss. I also created a YouTube channel where I will release promotional videos once Ad Astra has created and sells their first ship models. Ad Astra Dual Universe YouTube (not much to see yet) Become a member All feedback and suggestions appreciated : )
  13. A very valid question fine sir. As the trained eye may perceive, the nose of this ship sits firmly in the middle of the picture. lol
  14. Interesting. Your organization has quite a different feel ('vibe') from the other ones on this forum, Aetherios. I'm interested to see what kind of members you will attract. Hope I will one day see and interact with all the organizations that already appeared for DU in the game.
  15. From the Dev Blog: "Virtual Simulator: enabling player to enter a virtual world (call it “inception syndrome”!). While in that virtual space, the player would be able to design any construct, in a completely peaceful setting. This would help builders to design their construct and create their blueprints safely, without being interrupted by any PvP action. For ships, it will also be possible to test their flight mode, without risking a crash or wasting resources!" Although, in several other places the devs talked about how building/designing a construct should be a difficult task. A 'virtual reality' would make actual design way easier. I personally think that building will be done in safe spots, like suggested in the dev blog.
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