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  1. Wow, that video really demonstrates how over sized those chairs are. They look like children sitting in those Giant chairs.
  2. There is one thing that i think would be fun to add after release. So if you do the silly mini mining game it would then give you a chance (small %) that a higher tier ore will come to surface. It could just be a small amount of the higher tier. Or in the future you could also get a chance to bring up a gems which could be used to craft some sort of luxury item or needed to purchase certain items. This would at least give a good reason to do the silly game instead of just clicking past it.
  3. I cant help but think a lot (not all ) of DU's problems have to do with poor communication. This is probably a lot to do with inexperience in creating a game. It would be great if they took some time (or had taken some time) and look at how other companies communicate with their players. Take Camelot Unchained as an example. This company is probably one of the most open and communicative game developers i have seen. Every week the put out a pod cast that goes over the top 10 things the group worked on that week. Sometime the list is 15 items and sometimes it is only 5 but they still call it the top 10. They often rotate who is on the cast, having the developer one week, then game designer the next, graphic team, programmer, etc. They then open up for questions, so the players can directly communicate with each department asking about why they did something or what the plans are for the future. They do not select only the questions they want to answer, but try to answer all the questions they can in the time allowed. All of this information is then put in a newsletter and sent to all the players. The players may not always agree with the decisions being made, but they know exactly why it was made and how those decisions will affect things in the future. If you read the Forum pages for Camelot Unchained they are 90% positive, because the gamer feels like they are a part of the CU team/family. Du is exactly opposite. They try to keep everything as secrete as possible, only giving basic overall game ideas. Usually the only communication we get is when a patch is ready. They do let us then discus the patch among ourselves but because they have never gone into detail how exactly they envision the final game to work, we are left confused as to why they did what they did in the patch. Then telling us they 'Heard Us' , but never taking the time to tell us exactly what they heard and how this has affected the overall game design. This leads to the gamers feeling isolated and confused, and unheard. Treating the players like an unwanted step-child has lead to 90% of the forums being negative. I would love Du to be successful, but they really need to take a few minutes to see where other gaming companies have succeeded or failed. Then make the needed changes, because it feels like they are just winging it and failing.
  4. not only you. i have been teleported many times. Usually for me it is when i am leaving alioth atmo. i can be 2 su away from alioth and then boom i see palm trees and crashing on alioth.
  5. just adding my point of view, dont care if you disagree. If they full wipe, i am out. The only partial wipe i could stand is if they leave my BP(dont have to be magic), my talent points, my SCHEMATICS, and give alpha players 48 hrs play time before opening up servers for everyone else. I know many dont agree with schematics but i have spent many hours playing honestly buying those silly things and i wont do it again. Plus i have designed many ships and sold bp to those ships which if they wipe and you can keep bp, it will be like stealing my designs because the people i sold to will already have the bp but i will be stripped of my money (which i have converted into schematics). Plus many players have brought me their ships to fix voxels and customize, these people will keep my modifications, but i again loose everything as i will be striped of money/schematics. I dont agree to the philosophy of "if you cant figure out who did something wrong, punish everyone". I have played this game honestly and dont think i deserve to be punished. They had said they would not wipe again unless absolutely necessary. Most of the things people mention here about reasons to wipe can ALL be fixed in other methods, which means a wipe is not necessary for any of those reasons. The only necessary reasons would be if data gets corrupted, or major programing issues that cant be fixed ANY other way. I just dont understand the whole reason people think everyone should be even. there will always be players with more money/stuff then others. the only thing a wipe will do is possibly change who those players are. Yes some cheated to get into being rich, but who is to say it wont happen again after a wipe, and honestly for the average player who cares who is the richest player or how they got there. There is no limit to the number of people who can be rich in a game like DU. If being rich is important to you , then spend the time and you can eventually be one of the wealthy. the abandoned buildings that some complain about can easily be removed without a NEED for a wipe, so this is no reason for a wipe. and some say that a wipe is just normal for any game when moving from beta to full release, But DU started charging fees for beta, which makes this not a Normal game development. Once you start charging fees, you are already in a psuedo release state and so a wipe should not be done unless Absolutely necessary.
  6. after you click on the vertex, hit the HOME key and it will put the vertex back in place and you can adj it when click on a vertex, the computer will automatically put the vertex where it thinks you may want it to go based on the verities around it. If you hit the Home key it will put the vertex back where it started and you can then use arrow keys to make your adjustments.
  7. I just have a couple small suggestions to add to the tool. The suggestion has to do with the green lines that define the boundaries of the voxel. It would be nice if those lines would change color when they become 90 degrees from each other. second is the text color is terrible, i find i am always having to move around to get a dark background so i can read the numbers. and lastly, It would be great to have a Zoom view. It can be difficult to fix a voxel when you cant get close to it because of your character not being able to get close enough do to the shape of the ship getting in the way. I am having to copy out small sections of the ships , fixing voxels and repasting to get around not being able to just zoom in and see.
  8. I am a ship builder (like many others) and many of my cores are tied up in display ships. It would be great if NQ could design a new element that can be placed on a static core. this element can have BP loaded into it, so when a buyer comes to the shop then can use this element to see a list of all loaded bp. they can then select a bp and the element will spawn in a demo version of the ship on the static core which automatically despawns after a set amount of time. So instead of me having to have 20-30 cores tied up into demos of my ships that buyers can walk around in, I can instead use only 1 core
  9. copy them and paste them in the chat window in game, preferably in a channel like local or org channel. then right click on them in chat set as destination
  10. Solo playstyle should always be an option even in an MMO. Especially since DU was supposed to be a civilization building game. A civilization is made of a lot of different kinds of people. Some of us like to choose how often and when we want to socialize with others. Yes, i spend a lot of my time solo, but there are times when i CHOOSE to socialize. To define an MMO as a game that MUST interact with others and you MUST have money as an main objective is just plain silly and will lead to further decrease in player numbers. I am not saying there is anything wrong with having money as a major goal, or spending all of your time on the market, but dismissing other play styles is just not a winning strategy for a game like DU.
  11. a lot of this will just lead to unused elements. why put doors on a ship if you have to replace them every time you turn around. dont use lights just use luminecent voxels. Dont use anything cosmetic, no plants, toilets, beds, chairs, tables, etc (might as well just remove them all from game). I mean people moved whole factories to sanctuary to avoid taxes what extent do you like they will go to avoid having to replace a bunch of stuff on there ship everyday and to avoid extra costs. As far as engines and wings and all the flying elements the rule of thumb will be, dont have it on your ship if you dont own a schematic for it. I mean how many times do you willingly buy something before it becomes cheaper and easier to set up a line and save yourself a trip to the market every day to replace stuff?
  12. It would be nice if when you pointed at a construct , that next to the name of the construct you could see an small icon of an open or closed lock so you could quickly and easily see if your construct is drm protected.
  13. An org can have hundreds of MU. It seems crazy to me that you have to have a separate spread sheet to keep track of what needs to be calibrated and when, and who did the last calibration. There needs to be a screen where org members can quickly look at to see what needs calibrating. It just feels like you programmed part of the system and rushed it out before finishing it. Could you imagine not having a screen that showed us what talents we have learned and which ones we are currently training, but instead had to run around the galaxy to get that information? crazy
  14. Limiting the number of constructs an org can have is a bit scary, depending on how limiting it is. As a ship builder it is important to have the ship out where people can see it. Most people dont want to buy a ship they have never seen. This can also reduce market use. if i am limited on how many ships i can have on display then instead of buying elements for a new ship i will just have to demolish an older build and reuse those elements. I understand that limiting constructs for performance but please just not toooo limiting. Also, please have some wrecks in pve areas as i dont pvp. You can never force people to pvp, but you can force them to leave the game.
  15. Weapons do not see dirt. The bullet teleports from the gun straight to the targeted construct. it does not matter if other constructs are in the path of the weapon , or if there is an asteroid, or if the construct is buried in the ground.
  16. I do predict sanctuary to be laggy. I know on alioth i have been building and have been able to keep my lag down by spreading my buildings out on different hexes, i even spread out my ships so they are not all located together to create lag. Now i am being pushed back to sanctuary , all my buildings and all my ships will be all concentrated onto one tile. And i hate to break it to you, my tile is very close to a market there. So lag, lag , lag. I think a lot more people will be returning to sanctuary than you think. For now a lot will go to space, but if taxes start there, then a good number of them will also go to sanctuary. Sanctuary will be not only for new players, but also any casual player that can not predict his/her schedule will be forced to stay on sanctuary. I have already started removing my buildings and will continue planning on how to move/relocate. All the players in one org i belong to are also moving to either space or sanctuary not one of them plan on staying on alioth. Another org i am in are all pretty much staying in place, so it sort of depends on your play style and your real life situations. But dont be surprised if sanctuary becomes a lag fest and alioth sees great improvement. So if you are flying over sanctuary and your screen suddenly locks up, be sure to wave "Hi" as you will probably be over my one hex with all my buildings and 20-30ships.
  17. just watched video, still have concerns: HQ will not be rolled out at same time as Demeter, so i will be taxed on my claim which i can not afford as i am not a miner. So i will lose my current territory and have to move my buildings. Can you roll out Demeter and set taxes to 0 until the HQ rolls out? Then when you finalize the HQ portion you activate the taxes. You mentioned in the video that a player can just move their static constructs to sanctuary if they dont want taxes, or if they come back after a break and find their land has been claimed, BUT you provide no easy way for a player to actually move the static construct. Placing down static construct blueprints in this game is a joke. There is no easy way to see which way your building is facing or no easy way to adjust dept of the building bp. If the building is very large you also run into problems with linked containers not being able to hold all the materials needed to place the BP. You provide no easy way to remove the voxels and elements into a container. How difficult would it be to add a selection on core menu that allows you to remove all voxels and elements into your linked container instead of making us slowly delete sections of the core until it is all cleared and hope to god you did not miss a microvoxel. Please stop adding things to the game that will require us to move our static constructs without FIRST providing us with an easy way for us to accomplish this.
  18. it looks like i will probably have to move my buildings which are currently on different territories all to one territory. Will DU provide better mechanics to be able to move and place static large core structures? Currently it is a nightmare to position both in rotation and depth. Also can be difficult to be linked to enough storage compacity to hold all the materials needed to be able to place the large blueprint. I have spent alot of time building my structures, i would hate to loose them because i can no longer afford the taxes. I would prefer to just move them all to sanctuary and build there than to risk the loss.
  19. I am not happy with taxes, but can live with paying it BUT it must be a fairly low rate. 1 million is Way too much. If the goal is to remove unplayed tiles from game then it does not have to be outrageously expensive tax to accomplish this. The tax should be set at a rate that by just logging into game regularly will give you the money to pay for a couple tiles. High tax rates are just going to piss off more players, because now you are not letting them play the part of the game they enjoy but now MUST do things they do not enjoy to try and fund the tax. It is at this point the game starts becoming a job and not fun. I agree with Draqlolus in that making people move their bases to new locations to get ore is a bit crazy. I will only be able to afford maybe one tile so what happens if the tile my base is currently located on has low ore or poor quality ore, Is sanctuary going to be tax free? If so i will just move everything back to my tile there so i can continue playing the game in the manner that i enjoy instead of feeling i am taking on a second job.
  20. I would love it if there was a way for us to export our blueprints over to the test server. i unfortunately built most of my ships after they copied over from the game so i dont have access to any of my ship designs on the pts server. This would be a great way for me to test out my designs and the pts server at the same time.
  21. The new lighting is terrible for building, it washes out all details. all i am seeing now is a big white spot in the center of screen.
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