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  1. Cancel culture is a symptom of a bigger source. I would say that social media ( as it is implemented ) is killing us.
  2. You can go to space with that. The problem is to buy a territory and transfer the goods with that.
  3. Yea, i have to agree. What ever the mechanic that NQ thought about for justifying taxes is not a urgent one. The taxes should be dynamic in nature with small adjustments every month. When ever NQ sees the need to raise the taxes, raise them. But dont start with and absurd value thinking about how it will be needed in 10 years when DU has 10M players.
  4. The idea is for you to do the mining on a remote planet. Mining on the starter zones is not supposed to be profitable.
  5. No, they removed JC from the command, because he promised a utopia impossible to maintain. A place here players would build nations based on principles and morale. A place where players would create nearly all the game content instead of creating exploitable content to grief other players. A place where every one would be happy PVPing.
  6. And what was the great, well defined identity this game had before JC went out? I dont think that DU's issue is missing an identity. I think DU's issue is not providing sustainable joy for most players. A fix of most issues, would be adding NPCs, avatars and ships. Maybe that would confuse the identity of the game even more. But it would make it sustainable from the emotional point of view.
  7. It's common practice to have different prices for different regions. For starters, there are legal differences. VAT rates, law obligations And, there are other companies (like steam) that will have prices for region and region locks. If you don't mind robbing your country from its rightful taxes, just "fly" (with the "VPN" air company) to the US and buy it there. PS $9.99 USD is also not 9.99 Euro
  8. Its not that unrelated. Im sure that you found a bug that needs fixing. But its the same database, if the database is already over the limit it can have performance issues with unrelated zones in map. It is also unclear of what will happen to the new spherical reference system and how that will affect space near a planet. But also, NQ usually accumulates fixes. Its possible that the bug you are reporting is already fixed in this new version. Also, at this time you have a very low chance of being noticed by devs. They all have the new patch occupying 100% of their attention and even the ones that notice you will have the points above i mention as a justification to not pay atention to your report. The best thing you can do is to test this exact same scenario after the new patch and fill up a proper bug report in the support site.
  9. The devs gave some explanation a few weeks ago. They said they were replacing the current mining system with automining because the current mining system forces players to dig around. Digging around changes the procedurally generated world and this adds data to the database that has to be streamed to players when they enter rendering distance. They will preform a full terrain reset and remove current mining mechanism soon. (check announcements) In theory this will greatly reduce costs but also greatly reduce the data the client downloads and computes upon. Dramatically increasing performance. So, try again after the update happens.
  10. Lol @Jake Arver So they say that you can have a "bad reputation" or what ever the backers can do to you.... How reassuring of kick starter....
  11. Being a single star system, it kind of reminds me of "the expanse".
  12. Hope the CEO has: Wisdom to realize what needs to change. Courage to face who ever he needs to face to make the needed changes. Resources to make the changes. Luck.
  13. We could say the same about the current mining method. 2 years ago it was unthinkable for ppl to use auto-miners instead of digging holes. Maybe they can add some NPCs to the game. They could start with basic, static stations and upgrade AI from there. But what we need in this game is meaningful content that creates joy instead of pain. Having a constant decay of element HP creates pain instead of joy.
  14. Maybe PVE is what we need, would you not agree?
  15. Does EVE have idle items decay? Who would see the most impact if this was implemented? In my view, lone players with low resources would suffer allot. Casual players would login into the game at weekends to spend 1-2 hours repairing their ship. What a nice "welcome back" dont you think? So why would NQ implement a pain creating feature that further alienates lone and casual players? Do you think we dont need those players?
  16. Providing no counter arguments is what absolutely makes no sense.
  17. I wish ppl would stop proposing ideas that create more pain to players. The inflow of ore was fixed in day one of beta. With NPCs buying ore. Some ppl with no experience in economy pressured NQ to remove it. The fix is to admit it was needed. Not to add more pain to an already painfull game....
  18. There is a far greater benefit in the gameplay perspective: The end of a painful and mandatory grinding mechanism.
  19. I'm cool with ppl that don't want to fight, having a chance to escape.
  20. Can anyone provide a picture or video of this tool? I dont have DU installed.
  21. Sure, i agree with this. But there are precedents here. On beta start, several players saw their quanta, earned by their work while following the game rules and mechanics, being reduced to 50M, without any warning. This time you have a warning. You have weeks to do something about it. Do something about it. What i dont agree is that the "player capabilities" is NQ's responsibility. If some single player adquired 9999 mega nodes, it is unreasonable to ask for 2 years for that single player to mine those alone. One mega node can be mined alone in 5-10 hours. A lone player playing for 2 hours*5 days per week will mine 1-2 nodes per week. If this enters patch arrives in 2 weeks, you could have mined 2-4 mega nodes. For me, this is an acceptable compromise of time vs impact. Anyone with more than 4 meganodes should use ingame tools to fix their problem. Not ask for NQ for more time.
  22. PTS is (was yesterday when i checked) still offline. So i belive you guys gunna have several weeks to mine. But the warning ahead of time has been already given. No more warning is needed. Do what you can now instead of waiting for the last day. PS: managing you capabilities is not NQ's responsibility. If you have too many mega nodes and too few man power, thats your problem, not NQ's. You can pay for ppl to help you. You can sell nodes. You can take RL vacations to mine. But its your problem.
  23. Because it costs money and time that they dont have. Its not a priority.
  24. There is a menu to turn off music. Use it. Spending money in the OST is definitely a non-priority.
  25. I just have one thing to say: if i dont get my terraform talent points back, i will start FULLY utilizing the digging talents i am forced to keep. If you know what i mean.
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