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My Community Has Withdrawn Our Pledges


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So 53K euros to go on the kickstarter with 5 days left...  does this figure include the withdrawals of these pledges?

I changed by bid and after saving and a quick page refresh the figure had updated accordingly. So I would imagine that the figure is more or less accurate at the time of your page visit.

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Hi everyone,


As the topic is derivating seriously in the last pages, it's going to be closed.

To all those who are wondering if the current level of funding already include the pledge withdrawal, the answer is yes: The pledge amount is updated in real time. If someone unpledge, it's immediately reflected to the amount pledged on the Kickstarter page. 




To sum up your point of view:

1) Our communication is canned because we didn't reply directly to your community's experience.

2) You didn't try to discuss with us because the previous reply was canned in your opinion.

3) You said the PLEX is inefficient against goldfarming.

4) You assume that I'm convinced DAC is the perfect too and that, apparently, only my opinion counts in the Novaquark Team.

5) You consider that globally we are non-caring.


So to address this (very) subjective declaration:


1) We read your community experience and we understand that your experience with PLEX hasn't been fun. However, just looking by the prism of one experience, and refusing to look at the bigger picture is something we can't do as game developers: The problem you encountered is something that you would have encountered sooner or later even without the PLEX existence. Why? If unfair players want to harass a specific group and they have money for it, yes, the official staff can close as many accounts as possible if those use gold farming sites to get a lot of in-game money, but the unfair players will come back again and again, as money is not a problem for them. This is a neverending story. As an EVE veteran player, you probably won't refute the fact that you can harass anyone with fresh new toons, only a few hours old, in Tech1 ships in EVE Online. Again, even without the PLEX/DAC system, the problem remains as a whole, only less visible. So what you consider as a "canned reply" is just a different opinion from yours.


2) Avoiding to start a discussion just because we have a different opinion from yours, and that there are chances it wouldn't go your way... It has indeed no chance to convince the Novaquark Team. Self fulfilling Prophecy here. But you have no right to complain if you didn't even try.


3) Three big developers/publishers seem to disagree: CCP, Blizzard and NCSoft (Carabine studios).

Beside that, as gamers, we didn't experience the consistent huge amount of PLEX/gold selling you're mentionning in EVE (Yes, we have EVE players in the team). Do you have something to back your declaration about PLEX system being inefficient beside your own words? If it's the case, we are interested in this data.


4) The Community Manager status seems to have been misunderstood here: having a personal opinion and making the communication (both ways) between players and the Novaquark team are two different things. Whether or not I'm convinced of something is irrelevant in this case: If players have concerns about one aspect, I transmit the message to the team. If the team has an official stance on a topic, I transmit it to the players (the reason why you received twice globally the same answer). Now, while the team won't change a feature as important as the DAC system on a whim, if some solid concerns followed by facts are given in a well-argued discussion, everything is possible (except coming on what has been already promised to other players such as Kickstarter DACs). However, loud voices and threats of unpledging without solid reasons will not affect game design decisions. 


5) Just because we have a different opinion doesn't mean we are non-caring. We care about every opinion. However, we are also realistic about the fact that we cannot satisfy everyone. Nobody can.


If you have something else to discuss with us that are not: 

- Your (unfortunate) experience on EvE Online.

- Assumptions of the real intents of the Novaquark Team (like implying the DAC system has been chosen by greediness, when the game is free, the expansions will be free and there will be a free trial period when starting the game... not really a good way to start a reasonable discussion with a developer).


Then by all means, send me a private message on this forum and I will transmit the message to the team for discussion.


Best regards,


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