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Diverse Unified Accord(DUA)


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Hello Everyone! MasteredRed here today.




Today, I'm happy to announce a number of things. First off, we have welcomed a number of people to the Alliance recently, and I thank them for joining. 




As for the rest, the Diverse Unified Alliance has been hard at work, and our members are starting to get worn from what we've been doing. So, I thought I'd give you an update on some of our status. 




I have to announce a new document. It has taken me a little while to finish, but you should find a large number of information relating to the DUA and what it does. So finally, allow me to present the DUA Article!



You can download and view it here. It runs down our core structure and what we aim to do for YOU and what YOU would like to achieve.


It runs downs through things such as how you can enlist your organization into the Diverse Unified Alliance, what you'll be provided with, and what abilities you'll have.


Be sure to take a look at the full post on the community site here: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/diverse-unified-alliancedua

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Hello again everyone. I just wanted to announce that we now have an about section on our website! Go take a look at it here:




It features a ton of information that most people would like to know about the DUA. It includes discussions about what we do, our structure, and what members can do. Take a look at it!



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Thought I'd give making a forum signature a shot by creating some type of badge for DUA. These are really simple and based off what D. Diablo has already done. I was inspired by the games hexagon tiles and some NASA patches, hence the shape and placement of the text.


Any thoughts or suggestions?



Special thanks to Comrademoco for helping me making the font and boarders pop-out with some shadows.

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Hello everyone. We have released a large update containing loads of information on the MIlitary Corps over on our website.


I go into detail about everything that we've done over the last month so that you can understand what we are doing.

Click on the image to go to our website and view the article, or just click the link below that.



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Hello Everyone. We have a special announcement to make. You probably already know about that, so I'll just get ready to let it go.


After the couple months of being in Dual Universe, and preparing to let everything in the Diverse Unified Alliance come to place, I myself have been working hard.


First off, I'd like to announce the new Diverse Unified Alliance website! We have redesigned things major, and will be publishing updates about the website and the DUA over the next couple of months, To make up for the silence that has been present for a while,


It is only a shell compared to it's future potential, and there is lots of it. Using the programming talent of our members, you can expect a major amount of features to be coming.




Next up, I"m happy to announce the Diverse Unified Alliance foundation document. It is now there for everyone to see. Outlined in it are detailed principles of how the Diverse Unified Alliance functions, what is is aimed at, and what it might become.


Spending many hours on this, I am happy with the result. It is available to read now.




Thank you all. 

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To revive this post, we want to make another announcement. The DIverse Unified Alliance has been renamed.
I present to the you the

Diverse Unified Accord


While the name may be changed, the meaning behind our project, and our endevors have not. Thank you all for following the Diverse Unified Accord.

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7 minutes ago, MasteredRed said:

You know, I updated the post but this comment history just feels old lol

What are you saying Red? You're breaking my heart!

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