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Mining unit system overhaul


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    Current mining unit system has many flaws. Calibrating mining units is boring as hell. High tier ore tiles are stacked together making them easy to find, so most tiles are claimed by now. Having people keep the tiles claimed and having passive income forever is unfair to any starters. Taxes pose a problem if ore prices dip too low. 


    Instead of placing bot orders in the market to help people sell their ore and pay tile taxes, money print quanta and create a new inflation problem trying to solve current problem, I suggest going a completely different route.


    Make mining units placeable on dynamic cores. Make tiles have a finite amount of ore and have them reset and be randomized again every second asteroid reset or so. Have people mine and deplete the tile using their mining ships (ships with mining units and scanners). It would be simpler, more fun, engaging and fair to starters. No tile claim hoarding no taxes no problems. 

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5 hours ago, Honvik said:

Territory Warefare on worlds apart from Alioth would help :)


joking aside having a shifting ore mode like in Star Wars Galaxies would be great!

Shifting nodes like SWG is a great idea.

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33 minutes ago, Zireaa said:

We should scrap mining units a good system would be if you could explore new planets  for higher tier mine in the ground  with both ships and by hand  😀 lol  and the planets would regenerate over time so you don’t have everlasting holes and tunnels 

absolutely YES

It is very clear, keeping all the data from every hole once dug out is just insane. Data for nothing but a reality patch.

Since there isn't many planets anyways, why not re"seed" some of the "didn't touched tiles since 3 months". Who cares ? Immersion ? Well .. I'll take it for the sake to have something I can chew on. With a little addon to a very smart [NQ well thought out and brainstormed - plus hard and fair calculated] energy-management, to adjust excessive industry-breakouts - I'd be so happy with anything. Schematics then easily can go to the bin and I can go and dig my holes.

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21 hours ago, Bobbie said:

So it's back to alpha status then. Let's redesign the whole game.


Probably a good idea tbh.

In reality (or at least "industry parlance", the game never made it out of Alpha. It still lacks features that are core to the experience (AvA, atmo CvC, Territorial Warfare, player markets to name but 4), and much of the rest is just placeholders for actual development. All they've done is make it a very polished Alpha. For two years they've hunted bugs, and it now mostly runs okay. Sure, they've polished off some of the surface detail, in the process, but what's there works way better than most alpha products. That doesn't make it ready for release though.


I think the problem is that they don't have the capacity (whether that's vision or actual code-cutting or both) to do much more than polish. New major features? None promised in the first 6 months post reset.

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