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NQ logic... when 4 == 0


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This one blows my mind.  NQ is the only gaming company I can think of that can justify 4 being equal to 0.




To be fair, Support responded quite quickly to this, in something like 4 hours.


Their logic:  The batch time is less than 3 minutes, which is the minimum processing time on an industry to prevent excessive load.


Formally:  "As such, Industry Units are provided a minimum crafting time of 3 minutes. This means that the Mining Unit will actually craft a bunch of times, but in 1 go. For example, if the Unit takes 30 seconds to produce the item, it will not craft every 30 seconds but ever 3 minutes.
This would total to crafting 6 batches in one go, requiring 6x the schematics."


But the batch processing time is displayed at 2 minutes, 43 seconds, so perhaps 1 remaining schematic would get held up by this "rule", but 4?  And if this rule is universal, why not just all batch processing times to be at least 3 minutes?

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Basically they have slipped in "Batches of Batches" instead of just fixing the batch sizes to meet their 3 minute minimum requirement.


When you see the error, you can hover over the little yellow "!" and it will tell you this otherwise undocumented requirement.

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yes i reported the same thing for scrap production and put in a ticket asking if that is how it is suppose to work? they responded to the ticket with did you check to see how many schematics it  was using... My responce was "yes! which is why i made this ticket"

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1 hour ago, Aaron Cain said:

I would recommend everyone to just process these materials in the nanocrafter overnight. That will be much more efficient and cheaper overall


 Shhh don’t give other orgs ideas. It makes us less competitive.   😉

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