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DEVBLOG: PVP IN ATHENA - discussion thread


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2 hours ago, Vazqez said:

hire an astrophysicist physicist and mathematician

keep the laws of physics


Haha, yeah -- more realistic physics will really save this game come release ūüėŹ


I think some would definitely prefer DU to be a single player simulator or a small-scale multiplayer game hosted on community servers.


Arguably, it would make a lot more sense as such...because a game like this would actually benefit from varying rulesets or mods that appeal to the many niches of players that expect wildly different things from the game. 


Yet that's not how the game works -- it's an MMORPG, not a physics-based simulator. 


I'm not saying I think the speed change is a good game design choice, don't get me wrong, but fidelity to real life physics is far from a real issue...I think the very idea of slow-boating for hours is poor game design with as much engagement as a screensaver, so the speed changes to me are a symptom of far deeper design flaws. 


There's little about the game that's truly realistic -- games are always abstractions and a more realistic abstraction rarely makes a better game...especially when "realism" isn't a true design value for DU (though to be fair their design values aren't especially clear...) 

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On 4/5/2022 at 9:13 PM, CousinSal said:

30,000 divided by 2 is 15,000. So speed did not get reduced by 50%.  Also,this is a sandbox game, why do you care If someone Flys a needle shaped L core? It's none of your business. NQs only job is to make sure that needle shape L core isn't the best design for every situation.  That's it. 

100/66= ~1.5 so flight time has increased by 50%. If we were flying at 50% speed then flight time would have doubled instead.


As for flying needles and what is or is not my business, my issue is less with it being a needle and more with it having neither voxel nor anything resembling an attempt to make it look like a ship. I would suspect it makes for poorer publicity when videos on YouTube show a substantial part of the pvp in a space-ship game involving fights between things that are rather clearly just a "the rules don't say I cant" attempt to min-max some imaginary numbers. I am not in charge so I can't actually make anyone do squat, but seeing as I want the game to be the best it can be and continue for as long as it can, I find it to be my business to at least voice my opinion on the matter so that NQ can consider (and accept or reject as they see fit) a point of view that they may not have had otherwise.

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On 4/6/2022 at 4:47 AM, Taelessael said:

People with auto-pilot scripts disagree... and the rest of us generally really don't care about whether or not our aim is perfect enough to shave 5 minutes off a 6hr flight. 


I appreciate that steering clear of the pipes and course-corrections can take a bit of time (as can acceleration/deceleration if you have bad twr), but odds are any argument that can so easily be construed to mean "the math for an average person's flight time is useless in finding an average person's flight time because it doesn't take in to consideration how I personally fly" will not be seen as a great argument. They Increased everyone's flight time by 50% (assuming they used to fly at top speed), so everyone running big missions will average roughly 2/3 the quanta per hour they used to manage. Most of those big missions were 90% coasting, so nobody is going to see you as excessively disproportionately hard hit if the missions were 95% coasting for you.


The issue for missions that NQ was trying to resolve was the amount of money the big ones generated. I would have personally preferred if they had just stated that they needed to nerf missions and then cut the payout down, but they needed to do something about the nano-ships and thought they were taking two birds with one stone (they didn't, I can still take a mission, get moving, go to work, and then turn the mission in when I get home for the same pay). 


As for the rest of Athena, who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and finally stop seeing disjointed element-only L-core needles, but I don't think I'll hold my breath on that one.

Thank you for reply, my only issue is I did say I do not do any missions - I tried one or two (I cannot remember if actually took the second one) and its not really my thing just now, mainly because I prefer making ships. I might use missions to test the ships later on because I found out the cargo can be very heavy.


I think that we agree more than we disagree since I too would have preferred another solution and mentioned this in one of my previous posts

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I like the new speed changes and stasis weapons because it opens the door for swarms of small tacklers to slow down their targets until the troops arrive. 

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