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[ABUSE] PVP asteroid


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It's happen often that Alioth/Madis /Thades PVP asteroid spawn very close of the safe zone limit

In that case you have tens of ships at the safe zone limit, and players flying with their nanopack to the PVP asteroid, and come back to their ship as soon as their nanopack is full.

Is that really the gameplay NQ wants ? Those players completely avoid the risk/reward mechanics !

Can we just have a limit so that PVP asteroid never spawn so close of the safe zone (something like 30su)

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Oh yes NQ, Move the spawn area back as requested here.


Or maybe surprise us with another game mechanic. Maybe like being able to shoot XS weapons at a player who is not in a ship.


Bring us some comfort.


Also think of PvE players who bothered to scan, claim, buy exotic MU and who want to sell this ore. They are in unfair competition.

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