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  1. the script is updated for the pve mission lua changes and doesnt care about how many guns or handling. make sure to download the latest versions: https://github.com/sleim22/Sleim-Hud/releases/tag/v2.3.7 i just testet it and dont get any error
  2. Okay i have multiple thoughts on this: 1. This is supposed to be an MMO with thausands of players, do you really think allowing only unique names is even realistic? People already struggle to get their favourite nickname and each player only has one but ships and constructs can be hundreds. Only allowing unique names seems to me likething that cant be done. 2. Having ships with the same name is a clever tactic in my opinion to help you win against other unexperienced groups 3. You say "there is no way" in the same sentance that you state the idea of using their unique ship id?! 4. The display their id next to the name is a thing and has been this way for a long time now in our scipts. I know a few PvP orgs and all have their own PvP script. Basicly none flies with default script and after a group first started using same names for their fleet we all had to adapt and change the code. Ship ids are always unique and therefore you can call your targets again. No confusion. 5. You might say "but when i cant code and have to fly with the default script and thats unfair" then i can only say, it was always in every area the case that you can play the game without coding or lua or using scripts from others but it can help you and give you an edge.
  3. multiple thing you can learn, how did they know where you were? because you discovered the roid and it went to the discovered tab. Dont take an expensive ship if you cant afford to lose it. You can use a programming board and connect a radar to it so you can see when someone is approaching. When you want to mine solo in pvp you need to be sneaky and fast, only go to already discovered ones, the rarer the grater the danger. I would advice to look for what you could do better next time instead of complaining on the forum. Or maybe ask others how they do it. I know of a lot of people who mine pvp roids solo and never got found
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