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DEVBLOG: THE FUTURE OF DU - Part 2: Under the Hood - Feedback thread


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Just re-reading this blog and noticed this:


One example is the in-game screens. They ended up being quite popular among players,

The proposed changes will definitely solve the "problem" of screens being popular with the players.

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11 hours ago, MisterDoge said:

I hope you guys keep up the hard work optimizing the game. I haven't been able to get the game to run acceptably on my GTX 1050 rig since pre-alpha.


Minimum spec for the game is 1060 as seen HERE


AT 720p on a single monitor setup I'd think the game should run OK though and much will depend on the rest of your hardware configuration. What is absolutely required is that you run WIN10, the game will not run or at least not run reliably on previous OS versions.

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I like this, I really do, it gives some hope for the game, in all honesty a few weeks ago i had written the game off as done and dead.

A few thoughts though:

1. Lot's of screeens in one place, a few players have rightly pointed out that this is probably due to the refreshing of the html every time one change has been made, perhaps take a look at some of the great comments there that deserve a response as to why that was not considered.

I believe the comments were centered around having a new method that allowed for the refreshing of small areas of html rather than entirety of it every time a single variable changed, couple that with setting a hard limit on how often or how many times the html can be re served in its entirety might be something to try before ruining hundreds of hours of gameplay by other players.


2. the screens at markets are a problem but there is a bigger problem here, the amount of ships just stuck there, the amount of cargo containers lying around.
a. implement some kind of quanta sink where players can store items at markets then implement a way to contract players to move items from this paid for storage to other markets paid for storage view the new mission system.
Limit the time players can leave ships at market or/and checks should be made on dynamic cores, if they can't at least hover away with the load they have then they should be despawned and retrieval comes at a cost.
Looking at screens is all well and good but the problem seems more systemic.


Overall though a promising update.

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Screens with SVG / HTML are a real problem. Agreed.


But I wanted to add to Beakcon's suggestion about paid storage. I agree, it's a good idea.


But I also believe that allowing players to self host their own markets would be even better. And remove all of the NQ made markets. This would alleviate a lot of the abandoned ships all over the current market places.

Allowing the players to create a market hub at our own base, which would allow us to have scematics brought to our containers there. Think of schematics as email / printed paper. All other physical objects must be delivered / picked up.

EDIT : This also gives rise to a real need for space stations, to have the ability to turn that space station into a trade hub, which is player owned and ran. And with space stations that have shields etc etc, this leads to the ability of PVP for those begging for it.

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