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Wishing NQ the best, Oh man this patch.


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So near the end of my 3 month sub, played for a solid 2 months of it then just occasionally the last couple of weeks up until the patch. I will not be renewing (decided this pre-patch already)


This patch has honestly terrified me, I can see what NQ is trying to do - but IMO its a big gamble that may backfire. I'll use myself as an example:


I've been playing the game to have fun (like most players I hope!), amass some wealth, mine and had the most fun hooking up factories to produce everything of all sizes up to T3.  After producing almost everything, (and honestly have more fun knitting the factory together than anything else) and being happy to have amassed ~32m (which is not much relative to some players and a lot to others) I thought after this patch I'd be able to have some fun still buying a few schematics and setting up a few specialized assembly lines for a few of the T2-3 things. I should add I'm out on Feli and kinda like it here, along with probably dozen other players or so... 


Wow, the price to get started is not only steep, they are astronomical - this game would be a complete grind fest for me to continue moving forward. I do not want to make and sell 300 billion xs & s parts to eventually afford enough to buy an M schematic and M related components. I'm afraid to buy any higher priced schematic because the game is still in flux and i have a feeling they may have to adjust pricing a few times, or everyone else has the same idea and will build the same thing.  Additionally, i'll likely have to move back to the soul crushing FPS Destroying markets on Alioth... around people... this is really against the grain with my own playstyle.


Looks like solving complex factory wirings will be going away for me as well. I had the most fun making a do-everything factory - now I'm forced to make a simple widget factory in order to grind out enough widgets and dollars to maybe one day afford another widget factory to do this all over again. ? 


I sure hope this game works out in the long run, I've had a blast playing it so far - Good luck NQ! I'll check back in a year and see where it's at :)


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42 minutes ago, Bobbie said:

In real life, centralized mass production is bound to become as obsolete as centralized broadcasting anyway. NQ wants to replicate the dynamics of civilization, but maybe they are too much fixed on what it looks like in an industrial age. I doubt very much that civilization will still look like this 10000 years from now, or even just 500 years from now when we leave for Alioth on the arkships (in the game lore).

You're only allowed to build civilization as JC sees it.


Everyone having a mega factory was too civilized. People building their own iphones from scratch?! What futuristic nonsense!


Now get out of your space ship and go hand mine that ore....

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If only there was some way for a developer to know what it feels like to play the game. 


You know how players know the game because they play it? Something like that, but for developers. They would need some kind of PC, like a player, and have the game, similar to their players and then, I don’t know. Somehow simulate what it would be like for a player that plays the game, but the devs gets the experience from doing so. 

Anyway, Biblitz I totally feel your pain. I loved "telling" my assembler what to do, depending on what order I was given by a customer, and the next day I have 10 containers full of exactly the right stuff and the customer is happy to have everything in his ship after a single visit.

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If the direction of the game is going the route of prescribing I play the game a certain with with artificially massive grind/time sinks:

  • At best a small % of the player-base throws up their hands and says this is not for them and the game ends up being a success with new subs.
  • At worst the mechanic also adds so much tedium to anyone wanting to do a factory they eventually ditch the game as well and we watch this games huge potential die on the vine over the next year or so. 

I hope most people realize the latter is really what is likely going on here... 

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