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Preparing for territory warfare be like

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Also explained why me & my org are going the carrier / mobile sustained assault strategy here c= https://youtu.be/JDta4de2Tdo and how I think it's the best way for small-medium organizations to wage war and go against bigger organizations if you guys are interested


The fighters are primarily for atmospheric base bombardment and fighting in general, while for the usual space railgun thingy (current meta) we have our own version of the usual borg cube, which is more rectangular so it fits on the deck without blocking the guns and has lower air resistance (all of the ships are atmospheric-space hybrid)

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4 minutes ago, HangerHangar said:

Needs some “cube ships” to act like hangar doors, so you can stash nonflying ships inside the carrier’s armor.

Thought about doing that and did some experiments, turned out the extra complication is not worth it, not to mention the extra weight and air resistance if you want to add more structure to accomodate that c= the deck can hold more than a dozen full sized XS core ships or about a dozen plus some S core ones so that's good enough for most situation

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On 10/22/2020 at 3:30 AM, blazemonger said:

Unfortunately for you, these will not be very useful in TW. ;)


We do have our own take of the death cube :P (see behind the fighters) and the carrier is mostly for this


And how would you know whether or not it would work? o: have JC or NQ released more info about how TW mechanics is going to be like? I'd assume once atmospheric PvP is released agile, disposable fighters would be much more useful


13 hours ago, dumpeet said:

At this rate you will hit the org core cap before TW update hits, should have invested in industry instead.

We do have industry : P


13 hours ago, Haunty said:

Hopefully by the time TW comes pvp will be revised a bit so cubes aren't the only option

If atmospheric warfare would be a thing (which I would assume so because territory warfare implies taking a territory which is based on the ground) even with the current combat system, cube wouldn't work as well for it

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