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1 hour ago, Bobbie said:

That's because you're not invested in it, which is probably the wiser choice.


And that's exactly why DU is the first and last game I ever pledge for. I've already cut my losses, but I'd still like it if DU makes it. Who am I to hold it against someone that's still invested in the game, financially or emotionally.

Actually, if/when I make an investment in something, I do not spend money that I cannot afford to lose or to lose my shit over should it go bust.


I've done many Kickstarters, someone of which I canceled after I did more research, but that is only due diligence on my part.


It's just the way I happen to look at life and how I spend money outside of necessities.

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On 10/21/2020 at 5:22 PM, Mordgier said:


You're still in your honeymoon period.


When you have literally spent an entire week of your playtime doing nothing but mining every minute of your playtime, you'll change your tune.

Still having an  A W E S O M E  time.

I do realise this game is not for everyone, so if you hate dealing with issues or other difficult tasks you might be better off playing Doom Eternal or Mario Carts.

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Not trying to put anyone down here but if you are that hellbent to try to get a $60.00 refund over a backers pledge that was done in Alpha than you probably can't afford to do so and should focus that money on real life things such as food and bills.  Is it just me or is the petty crap just crazy around here?  I've seen people complain about the $7.00 subscription fee.  If 7 bucks is a bunch of money for you then you should probably shut off your internet because you probably have some bills piling up in the mailbox.  Or just move on. 

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I think for some more principle of the matter than it is the actual dollar amount. There is a certain level of ethics in communication expected with any game studio. When some people feel like that walking has been crossed way to show they are not happy.


Besides the best way to hit any business is at their bottom line regardless of how small the actual amount is, $7 adds up when its 200 people at once.

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I got that indy alt I paid 21$ or so to get so I can spec it to industry.


Now there was talent reset and price of schematic was sky high. So it was wise to invest in crafting speed as even with max craft speed time to ROI highly outclasses the ore cost. That's what I did.


Guess what ?

Crafting speed skills don't work. They do nothing.

Price of schematics was lowered so the idea is now in doubt as price of manufacture is now much more considerable than price of schematics.


Refunds you say ? I am supposed to pay another 21$ for that alt at Dec 27th lol....


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