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  1. Yea I am. Had a quick go this morning. The game has potential. I am looking forward to it progressing further.
  2. Massacher


    Greetings fellow Noveans. I've been a gamer for 29 years and I love it just as much as I did when I was a teen. I am now 42 and I'm from Earth. More specifically Australia or down under as it's more commonly known by those in the know 😂 I have dreamed of a game such as this for a long long time. To finally have it be a reality is beyond words. I look forward to playing with you all and the friendships I'll make along the way 🙂
  3. Yea I can login there. So I'll be able to play tomorrow when I get home from work. Yipee!
  4. I pledged 60€ which is $104.90 AUD. Am I right in saying that Alpha 3 will be on in about 5 hours? Also I just saw an email that asks me to Finalize my account. I didn't see it earlier (it got buried down the page in my inbox). Anyway when I clicked the link it came up with: I also tried to copy and paste the link underneath the button. Same error. Will I be able to login and play Alpha 3 if my account is not finalized?
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