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1 hour ago, Aaron Cain said:

It is asked before, No will not be in. DU is not a survival game in that context.

If you look around the forum you will see it back.

This is wrong, and I wish people would stop telling others this because it's only going to lead to frustration and anger later on. This question was addressed several times in interviews, and the tl;dr version is - Yes, but not at release. 



Will there be any survival element in Dual Universe (having to eat, drink etc.)?


We don’t want to do half-baked stuff, as there are many good and bad survival games out there now. But in the long run, even after the release when we’re going to add expansions, I think it would be nice to have a bit of survival. You may need to plan for your food if you’re going on solo missions far from the markets, but if you are in a civilized area then food won’t be a problem.




Performance Enhancing Drugs

Will it be possible to adjust for short period of time some abilities by eating some food (buffing) without the need to train in the Arkship? For example a soldier takes some drugs for increasing his aim and stamina before engaging a battle. Same for pilots.

It's an interesting idea and we will discuss it with the game design team! We have for the moment no plan to have food introduced at release, but rather in a "survival" expansion that would come later.


Will it be possible to create this food from NPC animals and flora and oil? This could add the option for protect of valued animals, who need grass, sun and water for living, and having ground control to protect them in your own farm (what you cannot hide in underground).

These are all excellent ideas and we will consider them, but not for the initial release, but more in the "survival" expansion that would come later.



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Not needed, you can always ask.

As you can see different people interpret the matter differently.

For all we know it will not be in DU at release. That however doesn't mean it will never be there and some mechanisms players thought up are really interesting.

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I like the possibility of some survival aspects. I also REALLY like the idea of Drugs, with buffs, and DeBuffs for over use.  Could really enhance possible gameplay.  If you take too much of a drug, when you are not on it, you get negative stats or something to that effect, cause you became addicted to it.  So there would be a balance with it, and choices on when to use, or not to use.  

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