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Website Questions

Daphne Jones

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1. On the website, what is the number in a red circle after my name? Yes I know it's 2... what does it mean?



2. How do I change the logo image for my org? The website seems to think what I've uploaded is too big but it's 143K. Can't get an image much smaller than that.

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6 hours ago, DaphneJones said:

Why don't you stay out of my thread unless you have something to contribute? Damned stalker

In his defense, that's literally what the red "2" means. It means you have 2 unread messages.

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Who else gave a deskface?   Not all at once :)


The logo changing is very tricky, it is not only size, also location resolution, cm size in x-y.


But i think a lot of people don't realize it is mail that's not opened. For DU you can:

A, forum mail

B, Community page mail

C, Discord mail

D, All the above and even more


It is D, and because of that its very hard sometimes to actually contact people as not everyone understands these possibilities and they only use one of the 3

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