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Hey all (plus weird story about how I found the game)

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Hey all... I am already in love with this game


Ok with that out of the way we can get to the meat of things,

A little about me: I Hardcore EvE online player (Hoard VanguardLove Mechanical Engineering/Take part in FRC (Team 6443) Games I play, anything by Paradox, EvE, Space Engineers, BF5 My hobbies are RC aircraft and CAD I I am still in HS so Im not gonna be online 24/7 like some of you guys lol I


Now for what you all came for, The Story!

Well the title may have been a little bit clickbaitly but I was just playing eve (half asleep) and in comms some guy (Pirate I think is his name (Nice fellow)) started talking about DU and how he was a Gold Founder (the 500$ one). No one was really interested until he started talking about what is was and oh my lord those comms sprung to life man like it seems like the perfect game Space engineers slammed with EvE online with everything sprinkled on top and baked in the good developer oven! So 7 People form that chat Literally bough the bronze pack then and there. I was a little bit hesitant (as everyone looking into a croundfunding game now-a-days should be tbh) tho but once I stated looking into the game I was so hooked, Good devs, Good progress, Great community. And a hour later I own the 120 $ pack so welp


I cant wait to fly with you all!!! dm me if you want to group up, I think im gonna stand with BOO! o7

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Good story, short but sweet.


I guess it's a good example how "viral marketing" or gossip can promote a game or idea and we should perhaps do our part on occasion and when it seems organic to do so.


No, dear readers, it does not mean going around reddit(s) and whatnot, spamming DU links unsolicited like some people did in the past (you know who you are).


Anyway, for me a similar promotion made me aware of the game: basically the combination of Minecraft (or SE) and EvE Online. The perfect mix on paper at least.

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