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  1. yes im an iron KS founder and i am in
  2. discordauth:Bpwe4bMUQ7fmihJjwfBH4oBPZQvdprt91Nhj_YTvN0k=

  3. Wish we could as I like to stream but as it's in alpha the NDA stands
  4. I was trolling kickstarter back 2016 when I ran across this dimmed in the ruff. I want to be part of building somthing. Every mmo I have been in the guilds were small or inactive. I played swg from day 2 would of played day 1 but the servers crashed all day lol I can only hope this game is as in depth and fun but with out the bugs lol
  5. discordauth:Bpwe4bMUQ7fmihJjwfBH4oBPZQvdprt91Nhj_YTvN0k=

  6. So I not been around for awhile and about maybe 18 months ago I asked if we was going to have architects and wepionsmiths who are experts in their craft and if the quility resources we mine affect the out come of what we build. At that time I didn't get very good answer I suggested looking at swg for insperation. Was wondering if I had missed any announcements or vedios that show the direction crafting is going? I saw market vedio and could not help but wonder if we will be selling guns and other goods on there. Festos
  7. i backed at iron level because they wanted way to much for alpha and beta. i wish very much that i could of afforded to back at that level but i simply could not
  8. if i can be locked up and unable to play im opting out of the kickstarter now thats just retarded
  9. player grifing is bad idea will kill this game before it can get going
  10. will there be a dev blog about crafting?
  11. There was two star wars MMOs but SWTOR crashed and burned real fast. However my suggestion is if you wanted to craft a gun in game and it called out 40 unites of iron and 10 units of wood. out in the world you would come across low, medium, good, and excellent quality of iron. if you used low quality Iron your Gun would come out sub power on its stats (low quality would be plentiful) however if you found excellent iron it would come out with far better stats. also you could further deepen the depth of crafting by added in items that drop off mobs in the world for example I looted bone from some rare wolf dog creature out in the wild I could now add this to my 40 Iron and 10 wood to give extra stats to the gun im crafting if you are wanting to truly build an emergent world you will have to have classes and lots of them and they each depend upon each other to build the city. is this something you guys are looking into? because empyrion galactic survival sucks when it comes to player creativity
  12. Star wars galaxies had a very deep and in depth resource system that in turn made better in depth crafting. http://swg.wikia.com/wiki/Resource thats just the start
  13. lot of post here so I didn't read them all so sorry if it was asked or answered already! Crafting I love it and Im always a craftier in any MMO i play ranging from Star wars galaxies to final fantasy 14. 1 Will there be different crafting classes or is it all skill point trees so any one can do everything as long as they have the points? 2 Also will ores have quality? will we find better iron in one deposit than the next and if so will it affect crafting? so many questions I could ask on this topic
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