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[Non-Canon] Tales from Tortuga - Episode 3 released

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Tortuga & Tales from Tortuga

Tortuga City is a community city building project in the world of DUAL UNIVERSE. The city is a place for trade, manufacturing and shady business. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum, villainy and dashing rogues. Separated from the shackles of organization affiliations and political agendas, the cyberpunk world of Tortuga with its skyscrapers and neon signs will be home to adventurers and agents, artists and militarists, traders and thiefs.


Tales from Tortuga is a series of fictionalized stories set in this world, created for the entertainment of the colonists of Alioth and abroad. Our adventure doesn't take place in the actual Tortuga of the game, it only takes inspirations from it. The stories you will read are not part of the official lore of DUAL UNIVERSE, it's a story within a story.


Tales from Tortuga will be released in episodes every two weeks on SpaceshipDrama.com and here in the forum. The episodes are written by different authors from the community and comprise of stand-alone stories that will tell a 12 issue long overarching plot. The cover art of the issues is also created by different artists.


You can get in contact with the writers and artists on the Tortuga City Discord.


- Already Released -

Episode 1: Do Not Go Gently by Kurock



(PDF, 1MB)


Episode 2: The Artful Affirmative by Ben Fargo



(PDF, 1MB)


Episode 3: The Hunter, And the Hunted by Cybrex



(PDF, 1MB)


- Coming on November 16th -

Episode 4: The Hunter, And the Hunted 2 by Cybrex


- Further planned issues -

Episode 5 by Einu Vei

Episode 6 by Einu Vei

Episode 7 by Ben Fargo

Episode 8 by Agilulf

Episode 9 by Lethys

Episode 10 by Kurock

Episode 11 by Empress

Episode 12 - The Finale


Series trailer as seen on Ark Central:


The Tales from Tortuga team hopes you all enjoy reading our stories!

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