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Seabed drilling and Forestry

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This is my proposal of the mechanics:


1.) You cannot dive in this game without a working diving-gear. You will change your gear to diving-gear-set to dive for longer periods. Make it so that without diving-gear, you can only dive underwater very limited period without re-surging for air, with diving-gear, you can dive for longer periods but still limited based on your oxygen-tank load/capacity.


2.) To detect present Crude Oil deposit in seabed soil, silt, sediment, rock, the diver-avatar uses a handheld infrared spectrometer instrument underwater to scan the site (no need to take samples of the soil/rock). It can detect oil(hydrocarbons) present in soil in the form of raw "Crude Oil" which still need to be processed.

To drill, extract, and store, the nano-former will do it's job (the "Mining Tool" can do that itself).


You can have different qualities of raw Crude Oils if you want. There are more "Sweet" Crude Oil (which means it's of higher quality, lower sulfur content, lighter), and there are more "Sour" Crude Oil (of lower quality, higher sulfur content, heavier). If you mined a more "Sweeter" Crude Oil and took that to refinery, it has better result of producing higher quality processed material (if the raw material is of high quality, it will produce higher quality processed material. It's as simple as that).



*you need an instrument like this that works and is built for underwater.


3.) You will take that to refinery, the machine will break down the raw Crude Oil, what you will get out of it will be based on the quality of your raw Crude Oil.



*You will call this machine "fractional distillation machine". It will break down your "Crude Oil". Lighter materials(such as methane which is a gaseous material) will remain on the top, heavier materials(such as Asphalt) will remain on the bottom. What you will get out of your raw Crude Oil will be based on the quality of your raw Crude Oil itself. Make the heavier materials the more common ones and less of market value. The lighter the material in this chart, the rarer. The more viscosity it has (which means "resistant to flow in terms of grading"), the less quality that liquid gas is(or whatever state of matter it is), hence less value (that will be something like Diesel compared to the more quality Kerosene and Gasoline).


In this chart, from lower quality to higher quality will be from bottom to top. Lower quality to higher quality of raw Crude Oil will be from Sour to Sweeter Crude Oil. You will balance this out, you should get higher quality processed material from higher quality raw Crude Oil.


4.) Then after that, these processed materials can be used for further mixture, synthesis, whatever form of Crafting-process they are used for. For example, the Kerosene, it is one of the requirement for making Fuel that is of high quality petroleum-based(petroleum blended) through synthesis (more volatile, more flammable, more cleaner, etc.).


P.S. Also, pls do not forget a Forestry Industry in this game. Same thing as the above, the raw wood has to be processed in a wood processing facility to create various processed materials(such as Rubber, Methanol if you distill that wood, Charcoals which you can use as fuel for the Furnace for iron and steel production for example, whatever) that can be used for further Crafting-process.
Logging will be done by the nano-former.



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I removed the RNG from refinery and instead added qualities of raw Crude Oils mine-able in environment which is the basis of the quality of processed material as a result. If the Crude Oil you mined is of crap quality, you should get crappy heavier, more viscous, and therefore lower quality processed material when you refine it.


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Good idea, nice points.

Maybe the raw materials can have a % of this and that to replace the RNG, that is abit more realistic. Also they could contain other rest materials.


About diving gear, maybe an option would be, not to have 2 sets of gear but special training you need to operaty your normal suit to be able to dive deep. that would make sence as the general suit probably is one also usable in space and should already be airtight. And practically any form of deep diving should need training i think.


greetz and again, good points!!


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