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Inn system?

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I was wondering about the possibility of constructing a sort of inn or general store on a frontier moon.


Obviously, such a thing is possible, but would it be profitable? I don’t have the game, so I don’t know that much about what systems will be in place.


If there is a food/rest system, like in Minecraft (for example), an inn could be possible. Allowing people to park ships and sleep/eat/heals for a short period could be very useful. It could also serve as a dropoff or meetup point. I know I saw discussion of a sort of taxi service for newbies to get off the starting world. You could have a system where taxi pilots bring players to the frontier, where various pilots or organizations seeking crew or members could recruit them.


A general store could be very profitable or completely useless depending upon the game’s systems. If market goods are all physical and require pickup like in EVE, a store close to major mining locations with useful common equipment would (I imagine) turn a nice profit. However, if items can be transferred from anywhere to anywhere, it would be useless.


These are just a few ideas I had. I’m intrigued by the idea of service jobs in DU, and I hope that’s possible in the game. I plan to get the subscriber pack soon and start in the alpha. Side note: does anyone know how to fix the Xsolla “your transaction could not be completed at this time” error when using a debit card?

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Welcome to the forum. :)


Once we know how and what kind of food / buff system exists, you can probably plan better. I assume you can't set up npc working there. So the servicing and creating the menu card will come from yourself. 


Otherwise, I only see the setting up of the mentioned markets, but this seems very impersonal to me. Much will probably come down to how trustworthy you are and what a general reputation you have. 


One of my long-term goals for Dual Universe is to visit every bar / pub / tavern / etc. that exist in all solar systems. :D


Problems with payments or similar should be sent directly to Novaquark support.

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38 minutes ago, SirJohn85 said:

One of my long-term goals for Dual Universe is to visit every bar / pub / tavern / etc. that exist in all solar systems. :D

+1. Will accompany you while drinking in VC ;)


@ArtfulBadger ofc you can Set up such an outpost. Make sure you can Defender it though If it isn't located in a safezone. You're need lots of ppl for such a thing:

- Security

- builders

- miners

- truckers for stuff

- taxi drivers for ppl

- ...


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17 minutes ago, Taisen said:

@ArtfulBadger I like the idea. If NQ setup a rent system with automated payments (game money), that would create a housing market. If non-payment occurs, the unit becomes locked/ not yours. Large Corps would be banks. They sublet units to solo/ small groups.

Pretty sure thats what lua will be for....

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