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  1. Regardless of your excuse, calling anyone autistic on the forum breaks the rules (pretty sure but I hate reading rules). You know guys, none of this would have happened if you paid BOO to defend your event. 😉 the other guys would have just attacked us since they are obviously so noble. Make better decisions next time. Wanna play in PVP pay the pirates not to attack you. We will happily extort your quanta for you... or... from you? Anyways, cheers! 🍻
  2. AC failed their mission. BOO accomplished their mission. PVP zone exists. Pirates exist. Complaining about it while knowing the rules of the game is basically like inviting negative comments you don’t want to hear. You’re just giving the moderators more work to do.
  3. I get it, you were bullied in school. Talk to a professional to work that out. This isn’t a counseling service.
  4. 😆 look at all this nice content we created. All the cry babies that try flagging everything, maybe read the warning that pops up on your screen every time you leave the PVE bubble. They gave you 3 planets of safe zone. holy cow. Also, AC HYP ATOM FAILED at defending the event yet they keep running their mouths. Oh man so much good content... keep it up, please!
  5. They need to introduce the power system with generators adding weight to increase capacity. Just make the capacity system more robust to include all elements. Voxel weight will slow down a ship significantly unless it’s a weak voxel that won’t matter anyways.
  6. discordauth:be3flIDNu67UWCf13kgZAFqQXVWNqsCMfniFy14zNGA=

  7. That is very exciting!
  8. I didn't realize we could use Lua to take money out of other players accounts.
  9. @ArtfulBadger I like the idea. If NQ setup a rent system with automated payments (game money), that would create a housing market. If non-payment occurs, the unit becomes locked/ not yours. Large Corps would be banks. They sublet units to solo/ small groups.
  10. @supermeganot really sure. Guessing they could have it to where each tree has a 10% chance (just an example) to spawn 1 new tree within a small radius of itself, if the amount of tree within that radius drops below a certain number, and not within a certain distant of any constructs. That way they wouldn’t be popping up in peoples stuff, but would simulate natural growth. So if someone harvested the whole forest it’s just gone forever. As far as planting your own stuff, I think that would be an entirely separate element (if added at all) but only in a special planter block you place on your property.
  11. NQ- love it!!! To keep things creative, I understand allowing use of any part in any construct. That being said, I feel as if we should have separate categories within the market. We should have different categories for hover vessel functionaily, atmospheric flight, and space. I like how you’ve designated the cores at different sizes. If I want to build a strictly hover capable craft, I’d like to be able to filter the market to ensure I’m purchasing the best parts for the job. For example, right now my hover is not as responsive at turning as I would like, even though I have adjusters all over it. Thank you for everything! Keep up the good work!
  12. if you craft something it can just say “created by ___” and they can set it to not be editable. It can just have build mode disabled on it. That simple. They don’t need to do more than that. It’s crazy to want to control peoples creative freedom like that, just to make people buy your design. A lot of people are going to want to build their own stuff, and you’re not entitled to anything if someone makes something similar to yours from scratch. It’s highly likely that people are going to end up making similar designs without even knowing it, and you can’t go back and tell them that’s not theirs, or assume they’re ripping you off. If someone takes a design and tries to reproduce it, so what. That just means they think you’re charging too much and they’d rather invest a bunch of their own time to make one themselves. The price has to be convincing. The game isn’t going to be fun if you have people trying to control other people and limit them just for your own personal gain. Things like programming and custom UI features that have been coded, now that’s something I’d want to buy from someone else. I have fun building but don’t know how to program. Make stuff with really cool scripting and people will want to buy it. Make things with fair prices and people will want to buy it instead of investing a bunch of time in it themselves.
  13. Taisen


    Maybe they’re planning to compensate for having to get in and out of your vehicle constantly to scan, by using specialized skills in a skill tree for mining specialization. Maybe a skill for a miner could be that they have a passive scan?
  14. Taisen


    I feel like the vehicles should at least be able to have the option for an ore scanner.
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