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Melkor Morgoth


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9 hours ago, DarkHorizon said:

You think it would be the other way around since everybody has a nanoformer my default and specialized machines would be able to get at the truly good stuff.

Well, the jackpot would be a largr vain of the pure stuff, not some diluted mess. I was thinking that drills would be brute force machines digging through matter indiscriminately and diluting the good stuff in the process.


9 hours ago, Kuritho said:

revent a multitude of problems, including:

World Eaters

Server Lag

People being eaten by machinery

The Robot Uprising

World Eaters: Well, drills are moving parts that you are smash at hard rock. Just have them have a high upkeep cycle. This would prevent world eaters since you can't just let it run for a couple of months. 

Server Lag: that would be better than a bunch of alts?

Machine Hazard: Well about 90% of the userbase has no problem with ganking. I don't see them having a problem with this kind of stuff.

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