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Suggestion; Corruption Mechanism

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Note: This is spiritual corruption, not architectural, though that would be nice as a side effect.


Nor is this attempt to bring religion, real or otherwise into the game. It would be more like a Buddhist thing with various sects interpreting.




The creation if 'corruption' would do the following things:


Give an organic solution to the worst of griefing. 


Make DU stand out from other hard scifi universes.


Give a 'get corruption clear corruption' game loop. 




What is it?


In my idea corruption would come from doing various acts such as;


Murdering without provocation or 'bounty state', 'war state", etc


Destruction of property without reason.


Visting certain locations (to seek if you want to be corrupted)


Fencing stolen goods


Mining certain materials


and have the following buffs and de buffs


Increased prices in 'decent' starting hubs and good prices in official black markets


Darkening of the colour tone of building materials. 


Increases and decreased abilities


Access to and loss of access to certain schema


And so on.


Corruption could be cleared by acts of repentance or time.




Don't shoot me, I'm just thinking out loud. 



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That's... just a bad idea. I see where you are going with this and why it's both a good and bad idea, but there is a little thing called emergent gameplay.

Let's assume you just killed a member of an important organization. Those people are probably going to shit on you if you have a bad day.

Boom, you either a.) immediately die upon entering a trading zone or b.) you have to pay a lot more money for an item.

And darkening tones is just a bit daft.


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I was never really fond of what could be dubbed karma mechanics, often highly subjective or controversial to begin with.


Hard game mechanics like above could never fully cover all the potential justifications 'bad deeds' might have.

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