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Eris Bellona

Another Fabulous Poll!

How would you prefer to play Dual Universe?  

21 members have voted

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  1. 1. How would you prefer to play Dual Universe?

    • With a Large Org
    • With a group of Friends
    • Solo

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  • Poll closed on 03/01/18 at 06:00 PM

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Ok so new poll for those people who like to participate in them. This ones pretty self explanatory. How would you prefer to play the game? With a large organization and its Military might backing you up? Perhaps you prefer a small group of reliable friends. Or maybe you wanna go it alone. Let us know in the poll Above and let us know why in the comments!

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3 hours ago, Hades said:

All of the above.

I'll second that notion. Getting involved in DU at those 3 levels gives you a better perspective of how vast and emergent the universe is and will be. And it leaves you with a better understanding of how each of those 3 types of players feel and get from Dual Universe.


~ Meldrik

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I'd consider expanding the vote options a bit. In a situational context, I see myself ticking every current option. 


If I had to pick a "dominant playstyle" it would lie somewhere between "group of friends" and "large org". 


But who knows what the future holds. Could change. 

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Large Org. I have few RL friends who play video-games or boardgames. Also in DU a large org IS the game imho: Building Civilization takes "everyone" hands at the pump, so to speak.


That said, I want to create a small org with a specific purpose which is apolitical and helpful to all.

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