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Who are the Dual Universe Wayfarers?

A group of explorers that share a passion for discovering what secrets Dual Universe has to offer.  This stretches from discovering new planets in the farthest reaches of the galaxy to diving through the deepest seas. If there is something to discover, we will find it.


For the Individual:

Currently there is a space program with one of our sponsor organisations that will provide ships during alpha and beta for the avid explorer. Don't like building ships but want to go to another planet? Come be part of an exploratory crew.

Don't want to leave Alioth?  Do you prefer discovering the secrets of the planet chosen as the destination for the Novark? We have a place for you too.


Membership in this organisation won't have any impact on your other organizations. You can be member of multiple groups and leave this one anytime, as you wish.


But I don't want to join!

In the future, DU wayfarers will support those that don't want to join any organizations by giving those lone wolves access to job boards. You DU you.


For Organisations:

DU Wayfarers is a neutral organisation, accepting sponsorship's by other organisations.  A great test-bed for more experimental craft.  Information gathered in exploration missions will be shared with the sponsor. Also organisations will be able add their jobs to DU Wayfarers job boards.


Sending a representative early is best.



Dual Universe Wayfarers


Chat on Discord: https://discord.gg/mRzveVU

Community Site: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/dual-universe-wayfarers


Instead of counting quanta, we'll be finding stars.

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Hmmm... so you know (possibly, idk) how EVE has the whole "Fly safe!" slogan?

I wonder what will come around with DU, maybe something like "Build smart!" or "May JC be with you!" would be fun to say.

So on that note, I hope you find all the secrets the stars may hold and may JC be with you!

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3 hours ago, ShinyMagnemite said:

I wonder what will come around with DU

Well JC already says "See you soon in Dual Universe" so when finally in DU, could just be shortened to "See you soon." Which can either be a nice parting expression, or a super creepy threat.

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Can't have exploration without decent ships.


Objective Driveyards, a company shaping up to be one of the best at ship construction shows how it's done in the latest Pre-alpha test that took place on the 26 November. The ODS Tidepoint was created through the collaboration of around 35 players and was featured in a tweet by JC himself. The ship was not completed at the time the picture was taken:




Don't you also want to crew an ship created by Objective Driveyards ship?


Discover DU at DU Wayfarers.

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A big welcome to the new DU Supporters. ;)


What if I told you there is an official secret out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered?


There are so many planets to in explore in DU.  Come discovere with DU Wayfarers. (See original post for more information)

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Found something strange in your neighbourhood?
If it's something weird, not quite understood.
Weigh the anchor and measure the gurgle.
The game is afoot. Come enter the circle.


Community Sitehttps://community.dualthegame.com/organization/dual-universe-wayfarers

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