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Simple Water Dynamics


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Alright we simply havent the power to do actual realistic water dynamics. Until we find a better solution i propose we create a water voxel that behaves like any other voxel except you can pass through it slowly.

This is a better solution then the current water texture surface. And is not hard to handle. Note it would not flow and should not be allowed to be in dynamic constructs

perhaps we can add later that if enough is adjacent it will add more. (for instance mining water in the middle of an ocean it would replace itself)


Really i dont see any other simplistic easy to process solutions.

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Other than omitting it from terrain generation entirely and sticking with completely dry planets, I guess that's as good as you can hope for, barring some brilliant hack.


I mean there are quick-ish ways to cheat fluid simulation but idk if any of the ones I'm familiar with would be fast or flexible enough.

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3 hours ago, pcfreak9000 said:

it would be cool to have real water dynamics later. but for that the server hardware has to get better...



Depending on how much they're willing to commit to it, in terms of resources, some system might be possible (due to the innate scalability of their system, you kind of only have to worry about "density of computation" rather than necessarily overall cost -- as well as how much it costs w.r.t. all the other stuff, since there's no point spending 99% of server CPU time on fluid sim).


Basically, you can more or less forget about Navier-Stokes and Boltzmann right off the bat. I don't think even anything particle based (SPH or something) would work for them, unless they know something I don't. However, I've seen some really impressive and surprisingly efficient systems based on cellular automata that may be just about on the fringe of feasibility, where it becomes more a question of whether there's enough ROI on the computational resources it would cost them...


So basically it might be technically just about possible with enough simplification, where it becomes more about whether it's worth the trade-off even then or not.

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The game "7 days to die" has fully destructible environment with realistic graphics and water dynamics, check it out. These water dynamics would be good enough for DU.


Having boring pieces of rock with no water is definitely not a solution. Making underground bases under the ocean is so much fun in 7 Days to die or other games such as Minecraft or Starmade.

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Hi Wariscoming and welcome on the official Dual Universe forum.


Referring to the game "7 days to die" would be a relevant example if it was a Massively Multiplayer game, and it's not.

4 players, 8 players, or even 64 players on the same server isn't what we call a Massively Multiplayer game.

As we already said in another topic, we have to make tough choices, as simulating water physics, physics applied on voxels, and other similar mechanics are extremely heavy in terms of calculation and is not currently compatible with a large scale multiplayer environment. What can be done with a few players can become a problem in a situation where thousands of players may gather in a specific area. It's the same problematic with games like Space Engineers or Empyrion. We have chosen to prioritize the massively multiplayer interaction instead of some aspects of physics simulation.


Best Regards,


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