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CHAPTER 11 - In which BOO explores the world of marketing, kidnap the French streamer Nutcrew, and hijack the stream.


"You want advertising? Because that's how you get advertising"


The pub was filled with rowdy voices, captains and crews, drinking and talking among themselves. The room had been rearranged to cater for a meeting, and the senior officers clustered at the bar, talking in hushed tones about the last order of business.


The matter concluded, Sylva jumped up on the bar and addressed them. "Alright alright. It's agreed. This season's free hunt zone will be as Captain Vamore's proposal." The group around the man called out cheered and slapped his back heartily. A split vote was rare, but the result mean an extra share for each.


"RIGHT! Listen up. Next order of business - recruitment. We need to replace crew lost to vac, you all know this. I want to hear ideas!"


There was a hushed murmur in response as crews fell into swapping ideas.


"We could buy advertising?" a pirate called out from the back. The group quietened, looking at the officers for to see what they thought. "Advertising. Alright, that's one sugge..."

A shot glass shot out from behind the bar which was cloaked in shadow with the house lights focused on Sylva. The glass struck the man in the temple, shattering, and he cried out, blood coming fresh and fast as he clutched it.


"YOU WEAK K#$T!" The bartender who threw it couldn't be seen, but the contempt in the broad Anzaki accent was unmistakable. They all knew it was his bar... most weren't sure if he was even one of them - he wasn't a Belter or ex-UEF military like most of them, and he certainly never seemed to go to space. But the officers seemed to listen to him.

"You bastards call yourself pirates. BUY ADVERTISING???? You don't buy it, you take it. F#$ken muppets."




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