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The Union



Who Are We?


We can be anyone. We can be anywhere. If you choose, you can be one of us.


What Can We Offer?


Protect your brothers, and they will protect you. In your time of need, the Union is indebted to offer you any and all of the services its members can provide. The aim of the Union is to provide a universal support network for any such member of the Union that requires the services the other members can provide.


What Do We Want From You?


 We ask not for an army, only for a union. Mere might is nothing in the face of brotherhood. All we ask is that you are there to help one on of the Union as they would help you. You are free, even encouraged, to pursue your own goals, your own desires, otherwise.


How Can You Find The Union?


Simply follow the symbol of the Union (∪). When the time comes, we will find one another in the Universe, and we shall become legion.


What Does All Of This Amount To?


Each and every member is just as important as the next. Under the Union, you can expect to find a welcoming community that can help you on your journey in Dual Universe. We look forward to your joining, and if you want to know more, you can message the Legates of the Union.


Addendum (14/4/17)


The Union does not require you to solely be a member of this organisation. It is completely possible to be a member of another organisation while also being a member of the Union.


Addendum (18/4/17)


The Union now has a Discord channel! Click here to see what we're about.

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Welcome to the DU community and good luck with your org!



Also i dig that you went for simplicity when it comes to the logo. Makes it easily applicable on other things you might want to use it on.

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The Union is now recruiting!


A Zetaboards forum (click here) has been launched to provide the necessary infrastructure to support communication within the organisation - if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through that website or through messages on this website. Click here to find the Union's community page and join the Union if you so desire.


We look forward to your arrival.

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