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Found 14 results

  1. Anyone who has looked at the interactive 3D map of the Dual Universe system on the dual.sh website has probably noticed that the orbits of 3 of the planets are highly inclined relative to the plane of the ecliptic (the flat plane along which the other 9 planets orbit). By placing a protractor on top of a side view of the system, you can measure this inclination. It's a bit hard to eyeball it, but it looks to me like the orbits of Sicari and Sinnen are inclined by 44 degrees, Feli by 48 degrees and Jago by small amount, maybe 2 degrees. Compare this with our own Solar System, where the orbit of
  2. Hi everyone! One thing I noticed in a lot of NQ's videos is that the physics applied to a dynamic construct are by far not as realistic as they claim. You can put all of your engines on one side and still not experience any turn unless you add adjusters. This is because the position of the engines relative to the rest of the construct is not included in the calculations, which are literally just a sum of all forces acting upon an object to equal one force, which equal one force vector, which in turn determines the total directional vvelocity.however, I can still understand that Novaquark
  3. All May I present https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/bureau-international-des-poids-et-mesures Yeah - I know - it's not the right place to post this. Ha!! Not really - pretty much the sorts of people who should be in it are here. Basic idea - this is a pre-alpha thematic org, set up expressly to: a) talk DU and standards - what would need to change from the world we know to the world we're going to. to note, discuss, propose and ratify standards as a community (using the forums etc) which can be passed to NQ for consideration. c) Write a bit of pre-history/
  4. Since it has been confirmed that we will be able to build, let's call them "Megastructures", like Deathstars or possibly even howl moons, will it be a thing for man made vessels to have a gravitational pull. Meaning that if some group or coalition actually managed it to construct a space station with ~160km width I don't see a reason why it shouldn't attract small objects. Would it be to much load for the Servers to calculate the gravitational effects of every Ship, Station, etc?
  5. Haven't seen a lot of physics talk going on so I thought I'd start a thread. Might be too early in development for this but I'm going to do it anyway. I'm going to break this up into separate posts because there's a lot to account for here. There's some discussion going on between the posts so just skip through and find my numbered and titles posts to see the full info in one place. 1: Investigating gravity and other values In the video on atmospheric flight we can see certain values, given to us or expressed as variables, specific to the vessel and the environment:
  6. Anotaros


    While i know there are already some topics mentioning Re-entry i thought it fit to make an entire thread dedicated to this. Re-entry is something i believe Dual universe could use for a great deal of reasons. For example you could use it as a weapon, ramming ships into atmosphere to the point where they burn up. Not even to mention that it is a feature that few space sims like this have succeeded in. It wouldnt be too harsh on PC's as well. I cant see a little light coming off a ship and the ship exploding really affecting anything, especially considering what other things will be goin
  7. Nuclear physics. Such a broad category of science leading to the most remarkable discoveries... and the most destructive of weapons. It would be nice to see how this would play out in DU, since I have seen a bunch of people suggesting nukes (hehe). This could possibly lead to quantum mechanics in game, leading to quantum computing or some other crap like that. If it is too much stress on the server, fair enough. It's just a suggestion from the realm of madness inside of my brain.
  8. Planets won't revolve around their parent celestial body as far as we know but are we going to have moons of planets and maybe planetary rings? If so, they should revolve around their parent celestial body since they have relatively short revolution times.
  9. Hello all, forgive me if this has been discussed before but i was wondering if ship collision would cause damage? I had an idea for a ship that would have a thick bulwark on the front that would ram enemy ships during battle but i hadn't seen any information of ship collision mechanics. Just wondering, thanks.
  10. What do you guys think about orbital mechanics and other realistic physics elements? I personally think it would be cool to do a Hommen Transfer in my custom-built starship and sneaking up on enemy ships where they don't expect it. I suppose it would be cool to have other realism features, but this isn't that kind of game. Still, orbital mechanics are cool.
  11. The starting planet has a lot of water, will it have physical properties? Would love to dam a river and build a hydro plant, Producing large amounts of "free" power. I can see such a building being a very valuable asset, And target. Moats Aqua ducts Irrigation Canals Land reclamation Swamp draining So much game play from physical water. I'm sure a few headaches making it work as well.
  12. Hello Dualiers, The plan right now is (according to what i have seen and heard) to have a stats based locking targeting system. it is extremely cheap. too cheap. the problem with it is that the battle becomes more of a dice roll, as can be seen in eve online. You target point blank on a battleship (miss) wtf... these kinds of things are frustrating. there are tons of ways to contour the problem with kinetic weapons and their delay, the easiest way to reduce performance drain is to handle them like a shell + their movement, it calculates then an intersection on that 4D-ish object (it is
  13. I'd like to create a list of all the elements, voxels, and mesh ideas we would all like to build with in-game that have not been mentioned by the devs yet. A short list of what I'd like to see follows. Artificial gravity voxels with diminishing returns based on how close you are to a natural gravity well. Voxels with "traction" that the character avatar "sticks" to so we can build moving platforms we won't slide off of. Diminishing returns based on how far you are from a gravity well. Voxels that can only be constructed in certain conditions such as an airless, high, or zero-g environme
  14. Small Intro I'm the type of person who enjoys playing SI-FI survival games, space sims, and some voxel building games. I've played a handful of them including: - Space Engineers - Elite Dangerous - Modded Minecraft(?) - Landmark - Scrap Mechanics - (and let us pretend starforge didn't happen) I played more than those but those are the ones that came to mind Now let us get to the suggestions. My suggestions are going to be based on what I loved and hated about the games I played before and what I wish this game would have. Please be warned that some of them are on a large scale.
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