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  1. I have followed every instruction given, but I won't get to pay with the steam wallet.... I have my accounts linked as well. I am at a loss 😕
  2. So I come back after sleeping and well my container is empty, bugged and I have no idea how to fix this. I was crafting an XL Assembler overnight and when I got back everything is basically gone to hell... I spend 13 bucks and 50 hours of my life and it's all gone down the toilet hole...
  3. Hi all, I am a returning player since the game is officially out and wanted to know if there are outside tools out there to help me/others in designing/building a ship. I am not talking about the aesthetic design but the ratio of parts to other parts. For example: how many M Wings or L Wings should I use per 1 M Engine, etc. I have been looking and only found a few tools that mostly deal with crafting/industry. Here is an example of what I am wanting to do. Due to starting out and not having much of industry set up I am looking to build a ship that will allow me to carry a filled L Container. This ship has to be able to leave all planets and re-enter them filled with cargo. Basically I am looking for a tool that will allow me to ratio the proper amount of part on the ship to make sure the ship capable of the described above tasks. I cannot afford L Engines yet and will be using M Engines. If there is anyone out there that has anything similar to what I am asking for please let me know.
  4. I'm trying to make a logo for an organization I plan on making, but whenever I plug the SVG's code into the logo section, nothing appears. I'm not that familiar with SVGs so I don't understand where I'm going wrong, I will attach a JPG and an SVG. I'd greatly appreciate if you could point out the problem, or even fix it. download (18).svg
  5. Hello Noveans! Dual Universe Academy (DUA), is focusing to helping new players in DU and all players who seek knowledge about the game and/or some area of the game. DUA's idea is to provide help and guidance, in safe and troll free environment. If you are interested to join, please hop in DUA Discord @ official link https://discord.gg/qQ49W64VAF or more memorable link https://discord.link/dua. There will be instructions how to join the org too. DUA logo - and community page https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/14014/#tab-description Regards -Ravenis (Rav) - Founder and Super Legate of DUA
  6. i have just bought a subscription today for a month and was able do download/instal the game but why i try to log in a error pops up "http error (error100). and then after a min or two it then changes to queueing timedout. retry shortly (error4). i have dug around on different forums each has a different answer. nothing i do seems to work. my wifi is good as is my pc, im out of ideas other than it could be due to me using windows 7 (tho i have no other issues with any other game but i know that there is a small chance that its messing some things up) any help or ideas would be much appreciated
  7. Can someone confirm my math on engine power required to liftoff the ground? I will share the google sheets link. Looks alright but I am no math wise kid need someone to basically proofread it but for math. ( Mass To Engine Power Converter ) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/194m61B65xFCr5lNP12EF5XK4tbl2qOLDum2xR0cUzug/edit?usp=sharing I wanted to make it easier for me to calculate how much thrust I would need for liftoff / forward momentum without guessing, I hope this correct I did alot of Google raid researching.
  8. so im trying to do the logo for my org .. i have one made up .. its in svg .. whenever i paste the code.. it doesnt work . i must be doing something wrong... can anyone help ? will attach files.. and various others if that helps - also attached just the logo if i need a copy of that for screens? logo (3).svg
  9. So everything on joystick works except for pitch up/down. Up/down pitch binds only to one axis on joystick, so I can only go either "up" or "down" using joystick - not both. Anyone that can help me? I'm disabled and prefer joystick.
  10. I have put a support ticket (#12682) in and I have posted on your facebook wall. Can I please have a refund? It's been 5 days now with zero replies etc... We had a large house expense that was unexpected and sudden. I'll be glad to re-pledge once the game fully releases. Thank you
  11. okay , so im trying to make a cargo hauler with vertical atmospheric engines. They turn on. Ship lifts up. But only way i can make it come down is to cut power to them with " c" How can i make them act like hovers ? And how can i make them turn off once im at altitude and moving ?
  12. can anyone explain to me how tags work on engines. simply adding a tag doesnt seem to do anything . and im unsure how to remove a tag thats default .
  13. Hello, I am unable to rebind the primary interaction keys and other keys, because they are greyed out . I am still able to rebind most of my keys-just no the ones that are greyed out Is this an intended feature or is this a bug? Furthermore, I have a few questions as well.: How many systems does this game have now, and what is interstellar trade like currently(I heard something about ftl drives/jump gates?)? Third, are animals/fauna going to be added in eventually? Fourth, in EVE there was a major market hub - does this game have something akin to that? Fifth, why is the sky blue(in real life not in game-this is a joke question)?
  14. In these troubled days, there appears to be so many problems occurring that the discords #help-troubleshooting channel is quite literally a mess. Everyone's problems and issues getting dropped all up and together in a huge steaming pile. NQ staff have a hard enough time of it I am sure and they have my respect for trying to keep up with the chat, but to most people it simply looks like nothing is happening since replies are often very far from the questions posted, if answered at all. I would like to make the suggestion of splitting up #help-troubleshooting into four separate channels: 1️⃣ Teleportation Requests. 2️⃣ In Game Problems. 3️⃣ Login / Account Problems. 4️⃣ All of my Problems. ? I realise that ultimately this probably would not speed up the process much more than its running at now, but it would look a LOT more organised and just a whole lot less messy. Ok, 4 is not strictly speaking necessary, but I thought I might try and slip it in on the offchance.
  15. Ive just paid for the patron pack but I cannot figure out where to download the game from. Can you point me to the DL link?
  16. Hi was just looking thru the web for something to sink some hours into when i stumbled onto Dual Universe. I need to be a little careful when spending so i have 1st a few questions i would like to ask and then will follow with where i spend my time normally and what i enjoy and don't enjoy. If you can answer my questions thank you very much....and then just let me know why i would enjoy this game. 1. If i bought a Pledge how long until i can play. 2. If i join the game before launch will everything i have done be wiped. 3. What kind of environment will i be getting into as in pvp, pve, pvpve, slow paced, Fast Paced, grindy, hostile, competitive and so on. 4. Is this game small server based, Large server, or MMO Scale server. My Games = Space Engineers, 7D2D, Empyrion Galactic Survival, Avorion, From The Depths, SWTOR, Elite Dangerous, GTA V, Rimworld and Egosoft X series of games. are lots more but this should give a good idea of what I'm about. This is just a list of things i like and don't like ... not necessarily meaning i want them all to be or not to be in any given game. Things I enjoy = Building, Designing, Crafting, Farming, PVE Content, PVP At my own choice, Loot(i Love the loot), complex character Building (as in stat management skill trees upgrades)... there are more but this will do. Things I don't like = Steep grinding curves, Very Clunky, No Customization(Charter or arsenal), Forced pvp+Full Loot, Nasty Communities, Nothing much to do(repetitive), Bland Game play, Thanks all Who respond.
  17. So I just purchased the game but only have Alpha 2 access. Does that mean I won't get the OST until Alpha 2 releases, or is there somewhere to download it?
  18. Hey Guys So far I thought that this would be the best game ever made and I told all my friends about it and they where all impressed. But recently I saw something which makes me really really sad. I've also planned to pay the 60Dollar Pac to support this Game but then i saw that you have to pay a monthly abonomment to play! So that only these people can play which have enough mony to spend each month (which I'm not because I'm in study) and just think about that. I personally think that the most potential players won't be older people with much money, instead younger players like me... I would be ready to pay once a big amount like 70Dollars because then it woudn't matter when I can't play one month because of study or vacation. And there was also a staff which said that you can buy this DAC's with ingame money. Don't you think it's sad that only the 24/7 players and the richer people are able to play this Game (yes there is a Free trial but don't count on that, because thats only a month or so) If you want to made money, then make premium stuff, there will be enough people which will spend big amount of money for better things. Also if it would be "pay for win" there would at least be more people which play the game instead that the most don't play the game because of the monthly abonomment. So then you have less people which pay a small amount of money instead more people which pay premium stuff which will ad up to more money. What do you think about that? i personally would be very very sad of that and please all the staffs in the community think about that!!! Kind Regards
  19. Hello all, i just want to ask you for next thing. Is that real to get a client and try myself in next test at 5 January) I really don't know, maybe i don't see this information on start page. But it's still difficult for me cause my primary language is ukrainian. Ty for your's future answers.
  20. Lost in space? Got no fuel? Ship's broken down? Who you gonna call? The Terran Union Emergency Services! If you're ever stranded and seek immediate assistance, hit the "distress beacon" button on our website: http://dual-emergency.weebly.com/ The Terran Union Emergency Services is an effective team of well trained, well respected and well paid employees who travel the cosmos rescuing stranded pilots and crews, and we want YOU to be one of them. Many positions are available, ranging from response team to dispatch command to senior staff. For more information, visit our website or join our discord: https://discord.gg/zBVgpu If you have any questions, feel free to ask below!
  21. Hi there. I was wondering if anyone else had tried to buy a pledge/pack on the page and have it fail. I wanted to buy a pack when I got home from work but it seems to be down. Has anyone ran into this issue? Maybe it is just too many people buying them last moment? I really, really don't want to miss out on the alpha access.
  22. Hello internet, I was working on uploading the new images/logos for my companies, but it does not seem to be working. Anyone know a possible reason that could be, or if they are having the same problem? (The corp still shows up when I search it, so I am pretty sure it has not been deleted) -Caesares
  23. A forum is typically a place to discuss single topics, pose questions or make suggestions. This happens in a highly organized manner, which is perfect for keeping discussions in order, being able to archive them and giving a large portion of people the possibility to participate. However, there are downsides to it when it comes to user friendliness in various forms. Getting an answer usually takes time, topics that may interest you already exist but are no longer active or already archived and discussion can head in a directions you don’t feel like taking part in. For these reasons, the user Loondoe has created the Dual Universe Guide (DUG) Discord server. What exactly is that? Primarily, the DUG server aims to provide a 24/7 live-support platform for all players interested in any aspect of Dual Universe. This support is offered by many volunteering, friendly and well respected community members from all branches. Furthermore, the server intends to act as a compressed collection of informational sources and material. We publish community generated guidelines, articles, monthly handouts, records and history information, walkthroughs and more. Is this the right thing for me? Basically, the server is for everyone and everything distantly and closely related to Dual Universe. This is definitely what you are looking for if: you want to have questions about the game or features, the community portal, pledges or the forums and its community answered fast and easily you want to find or be provided with information and sources for the game’s features and plans quickly you want to find or found an organization and need advice you are looking for players or organizations to partner up or make business with you want to feature a website, server or project you created and open it to the public you need help or a solution for a problem you encountered you want to get informed about past or current events and business in the community you need help with anything else and need someone to talk to And how does it work? First, you’ll need to join the Discord server itself by clicking the link below: https://discord.gg/J4AVBy7 Once you’ve joined, you can just state your issue in one of the support channels to receive help from supporters. Alternatively, you can take a look at the other channels to look for information yourself. And that’s it. That’s how easy it is to receive help. For any further suggestion and question on the project itself, these will of course also be answered on the forums itself.
  24. Hello to Everyone and to all first Immigrant of Dual Universe A half year ago i found some information about this great project. Yesterday after a long search i found back to this insane project. But unfortunately a little too late to participate in the kickstarter campaign. It has changed alot here. Now, however, I am a bit unsure about to get the right ACCESS to this early phase. I would like to support this project with buying a pledge, but i am not sure which one of these offers would give me the right access to dive in. Do you have any recommendation for me? I would be so happy. Many thanks =) Je vous remercie =)
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