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  1. I never said it was impossible to get the money to buy the schematic's that was never my point. but to use your list. 1) selling ores isn't exactly fun or challenging its dull, boring and repetitive and a long grind 2) "if" you have a space-capable ship. key word If. its not something a new player can do and oh look to get a space-capable ship soo again to grind to be able to either be able to build your own ship or buy a ship is again, dull and boring and its a tad bit ignorant for you to suggest that as not everyone has the capability's/had the resources before the update to do that. 3)to produce honeycombs you kinda need a machine or spend hrs doing nothing as you would have to craft in your inventory. and idk about you but that not fun or a rewarding way to progress 4) just use my honey come point here 5) make ships....yeah ok what am I building them out of, where am I getting the engines oh yeah its either craft for hrs in your inventory and be limited to only the most basic building materials ooor spend money on buying the things that you need. Which you could do but if you have been playing to the point you can build a good and effective ship that someone is gunna wanna buy then I will bet your not a new player. and if your a new player i don't really see this as being a option. so yeah its not brain surgery or even hard. unless your a new player. but you know what ells isn't brain surgery...? implementing a update that increases the amount of time to reach "end game" and make it rewarding, fun and something that scales if your solo player or apart of a organisation. so yeah for you to say this update is good. I think you have to admit your saying its a good update because you have played the game so much before it updated that its not impacted you in the same way as someone who has only just finished the tutorials
  2. I hardly think its people bitching. As a solo player i don't mind if they where to add research, or something that didn't require money. its now impossible for me to use anything I have built and now the most money i can make is the 10,000 you get for logging in ever 24hrs its not a grind that fun or rewarding. Its just lazy and poorly done
  3. i have just bought a subscription today for a month and was able do download/instal the game but why i try to log in a error pops up "http error (error100). and then after a min or two it then changes to queueing timedout. retry shortly (error4). i have dug around on different forums each has a different answer. nothing i do seems to work. my wifi is good as is my pc, im out of ideas other than it could be due to me using windows 7 (tho i have no other issues with any other game but i know that there is a small chance that its messing some things up) any help or ideas would be much appreciated
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