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  1. Thank you for reply, i just think can i somehow to join to gold backers. I found information on primary page that the game maybe will be opened for donate one more time. I wish it will be true, really wish to join very very very. I love universe that have many different kinds of evolution, like business, trade or building else. When i was studying in university, we tryed to create the game, the game where anyone find the place that will be interesting for him. But it was too hard for group of 5 developer, and all we was create was small physic engine, and concept. And now i find the game that trying to do those. Thing that we could not do a long time ago. So i wish just to try this game in future.
  2. Sorry if i missed topic, or do thomething wrong, if i need to make some payment to get client, just say. Thank you for help.
  3. Hello all, i just want to ask you for next thing. Is that real to get a client and try myself in next test at 5 January) I really don't know, maybe i don't see this information on start page. But it's still difficult for me cause my primary language is ukrainian. Ty for your's future answers.
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