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  1. Dude, this sums up nicely why I stopped playing.
  2. Only if the fire extinguisher used oil, so it didn't actually put out fires. It would make them worse instead.
  3. Why didn't you unsubscribe through Xosilla? There are several threads on how to do that, and also make sure to get rid of recurring payments if you have not yet already.
  4. Why are they on low resources? Money mismanagement?
  5. I am familiar with MMO's. I will stick with my definition , thanks.
  6. No citation for that, only based on what people have said on reddit about pictures of ships they built(ie, cost, build time) etc. Secondly, you and I seem to have a different definition of what pvp is: 1-New player leaves starting zone - gets ganked- that is ganking 2- New player leaves starting zone for the 2nd time- get ganked- that is stupidity at its finest 3- New player leaves starting zone for the 3rd time and is prepared for a fight, and fights his attacker- that is pvp
  7. Yeah, I am not preaching to the choir. I've been ******* about the games design ever since I started playing. People are finally starting to see the games numerous issues and hopefully propose solutions to them. Sorry, blowing up people who can't fight back is still ganking. Especially, since unlike EVE ships are built from scratch, and can take days or weeks to build. Sure, two people fighting is a duel, but it is still pvp between people who are ready and able to fight each other. Jumping noob ships as they leave the starter zone is not pvp-its ganking, especially since they probably won't be able to fight back. Yeah, I am going to keep blaming NQ for this mess- let me know when they get their **** together.
  8. The blame falls solely on NQ. They had 6 years to get this stuff right, and they can't. PVP should of been a fully fleshed out and fully implemented system as compared to what we have today. This goes with the rest of the game which is poorly designed as well. Finally, fun tip: blowing up people leaving the starter zone who can't fight against you is not pvp: its ganking. PVP is when two people who are prepared for a fight -fight each other. So, when nq gets there **** together you can blame the carebears. Until then, blame NQ.
  9. Same here, they really should put this stuff on the forums. Furthermore, why do they do interviews on twitch?
  10. If ya have the time, there is another thread in the this forum that has a similar issue. I would suggest taking a look at that one as well. The post is titled" Unknown people took the base".
  11. Pretty much this... It seems JC and NQ are disconnected from their playerbase. We wanted a game, but all we got is a tech demo- and not even a good one at that!
  12. Well played, but it is " tree-less rain". I usually don't bother to update my profile pic anyway...
  13. Maybe a skin or something? Also where is the gun in your profile icon? All I see is a moose.
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