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  1. I wish I was 27 or 38, or even 50! My son and I have played with legos for 2 decades. Thanks for the message.
  2. Hi from the State below yours. I would like a neon sign for my ship. "Peckem's Palace" should help me locate my mother ship in space. Thanks in advance.
  3. I am old. Very old for a gamer (Don't even ask!) but my son always gets me stuck into these new Sci-fi games. I got tired of Eve and Goonswarm after 5 years of play, and needed a new game. After writing 18 novels under my writing name - T. I. Wade, of which 9 of them are Hard Science Fiction, I decided playing games while I wait for Fame and Fortune was more fun. I enjoy the building and the real travel in this game. Thanks for reading.