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  1. Thanks for the chance to voice my opinions. It is great to perfect the game. Kudos for that. After starting at the very beginning, it is time to increase the travel and exploration of the game. For a number or years now I have traveled to every planet and moons dozens of times. I have made and traded millions of Quanta of products. I have mined until I cannot mine any more, designed ships, and now tend to leave the game for days at a time. I believe it is time for DU to give us something new:- a new planet, asteroid mining, something to explore, a new solar system wit
  2. I'm sure thousands are so excited that the leaves on the trees will look better than yesterday. I am getting so bored with DU waiting for something new to happen. Maybe a new planet/solar system might be more exciting but many of my old DU friends don't play any more, and I suppose these new fancy trees might be on my DU grave soon!. BORING!!!!!
  3. It took Eve a decade or more to continuously nerf the game to where everybody was equal and the game became extremely boring. It took a decade for Goonswarm to control Eve to where they booted out their members for doing a minor mistake, or not taking orders, or did not logon when ordered to play the game. Much like a dictatorship we DU plebs must be controlled by larger organizations. They have the money, or will have, and they will have the power. Now DU wants to do this during Beta, and even before launch. I invested in DU because I had the freedom to travel spac
  4. "I could give you a run for your money. First vid game I played was Pong, in the canteen of a military base, a quarter a game. The day I was born, the Billboard #1 song was "It's Now or Never" by Elvis. " Sounds like the early sixties, or late fifties to me!
  5. Is there any planet /area of space where Tranquility guys hangout? Today I am heading to one of the outer planets in my mother ship. (Check my avatar picture!)
  6. I wish I was 27 or 38, or even 50! My son and I have played with legos for 2 decades. Thanks for the message.
  7. Hi from the State below yours. I would like a neon sign for my ship. "Peckem's Palace" should help me locate my mother ship in space. Thanks in advance.
  8. I am old. Very old for a gamer (Don't even ask!) but my son always gets me stuck into these new Sci-fi games. I got tired of Eve and Goonswarm after 5 years of play, and needed a new game. After writing 18 novels under my writing name - T. I. Wade, of which 9 of them are Hard Science Fiction, I decided playing games while I wait for Fame and Fortune was more fun. I enjoy the building and the real travel in this game. Thanks for reading.
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