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  1. It took Eve a decade or more to continuously nerf the game to where everybody was equal and the game became extremely boring. It took a decade for Goonswarm to control Eve to where they booted out their members for doing a minor mistake, or not taking orders, or did not logon when ordered to play the game. Much like a dictatorship we DU plebs must be controlled by larger organizations. They have the money, or will have, and they will have the power. Now DU wants to do this during Beta, and even before launch. I invested in DU because I had the freedom to travel space, if only on my PC. Why try and perfect the game before launch and anger much of your current base? Your current base is all you have right now with hundreds of new and similar games being launched annually. Just leave the market/production problems and build more distance and beauty to keep your players excited. How about new planets? Instead of bettering the old ones (each I have visited) build bright new ones. Build a new solar system or three so that players can explore and mine your new pretty planets. With new ways and ideas to travel using warp drive, it will really add to your original and getting mined-out planets in your solar system. Let players build their markets/factories/organizations in these new worlds. Hopefully Alioth will become Jita(Eve) and when I played Eve I got in and out of Jita as fast as I could. Numbers of solar systems works well in Elite Dangerous. Imagine getting through the PVP hordes, warping out and finding and exploring new horizons, where there is nobody else. Now the explorer has time to build a base, set up defenses and ready for the inevitable PVP that will come. Richer ores from these new systems will always have to go through the danger areas to sell their wares. Let the player have some freedom to use their own innovation to get to market/explore/travel. Not keep the player in a box with the game/organizations telling them what they can and cannot do. I believe that you are beginning to control me the small single player. I don't like that. Also I am not your young kill all PVP player. I am 65, been in the military, I do not enjoy violence anymore and play sci-fi games for exploration and travel. I played Eve for several years and made too much money. Played Elite Dangerous for a year and beginning to return. I have spent thousands of hours since Alpha on DU and beginning to think I need to find something new. I have made my 100 mil fortune on DU and done everything that I find interesting but my interest is waning and my boredom growing. Instead of trying to perfect what you have, try to at least KEEP your current player base by giving them new exciting gameplay and not putting everything into a schematic.
  2. "I could give you a run for your money. First vid game I played was Pong, in the canteen of a military base, a quarter a game. The day I was born, the Billboard #1 song was "It's Now or Never" by Elvis. " Sounds like the early sixties, or late fifties to me!
  3. Is there any planet /area of space where Tranquility guys hangout? Today I am heading to one of the outer planets in my mother ship. (Check my avatar picture!)
  4. I wish I was 27 or 38, or even 50! My son and I have played with legos for 2 decades. Thanks for the message.
  5. Hi from the State below yours. I would like a neon sign for my ship. "Peckem's Palace" should help me locate my mother ship in space. Thanks in advance.
  6. I am old. Very old for a gamer (Don't even ask!) but my son always gets me stuck into these new Sci-fi games. I got tired of Eve and Goonswarm after 5 years of play, and needed a new game. After writing 18 novels under my writing name - T. I. Wade, of which 9 of them are Hard Science Fiction, I decided playing games while I wait for Fame and Fortune was more fun. I enjoy the building and the real travel in this game. Thanks for reading.
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