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  1. It would be an interesting feature if we could find a tree or any fona and have the ability to move it or transplant it.
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  3. So according to the views I am reading here. The general consensus is, if person A. finds a lovely place to build a home or a rare mineral location and decides to build a large, expensive, and none movable construct there, before having the funds to purchase a TU. Then person B. who already owns a TU, can decide to claim the land from person A. because person B. will own all rights to build or evict whomever is within their claimed territory. Leaving person A. with a construct they can no longer build and possibly now with a giant energy shield around their construct. This would be considered "fair" game and intended game mechanics from what I am reading.
  4. This plays exactly into my concerns, if you do not wish to be found by someone the only option is to not claim territory because claimed territory displays your location on the map for everyone to see, therefore you place yourself as a target by highlighting yourself on the map. Additionally TUs are very expensive and it is impractical to have one placed at every location of interest or even impossible for a new player starting out, that cannot yet afford one. So how would it be justifiable if someone just plants a TU in the grid of your constructs thus gaining instant ownership over them because you do not wish to be displayed on the map or cannot afford a TU? As for "players effectively claim land by building on it would defeat the purpose of the territory units." this is why I mentioned an X amount would determine the cause in preventing the TU from claiming ownership of a grid. This X amount would serve as a buffer from any would be griever strong arming ownership over your property in a game abusing manner. That X amount could be a certain mass of constructs or x amount of powered constructs contained within the grid. If the grid has less then the determined amount of constructs or powered constructs the TU will still be able to claim ownership of the grid. It would be ridiculous for someone to merely build a small block and thus prevent TU grid ownership. That page is the reason I made this thread. In execution through watching the dev gameplay, the TU is only designed to block out grieving once it is placed. What we do not know, is if the TU can be used for grieving by what I stated above and that is being placed over someone else's constructs on a grid not yet claimed.
  5. That is my exact thoughts as well, though I think the chart really helps to centralize all the different points of entry for early access and the beta. But it is only a projection at this point and relies on everything staying on schedule.
  6. Actually this was released on the DU discord.
  7. Welcome to the DU forums ?
  8. I am glad the NDA stands, it helps to build hype for the game. It is also directly why some or even most triple A game titles sell so well at launch.
  9. Alpha two testing is scheduled to begin in early 2019 and game release is for mid 2020. So I would imagine these keys could be shared somewhere between these points or after release.
  10. From my point of view, I believe you are simply worried of to many possible outcomes. The game is going to be massive in both size and scope. The further a person leaves from the starting point the less likely someone will ever find you. Even with massive organizations, unless you are in their direct vicinity or found exploring nearby, no one is going to notice you because they have their own concerns. Having the concern about grievers is valid. But with a large safe area around the ark and thus far an entire moon dedicated to being a safe zone for people who just want to build. I’m sure more large swaths of land or planets/moons will also be added to the safe zone list. So no worries.
  11. Well that is the beauty of Dual Universe, some can take high risks and some do not need to take high risks to enjoy their gameplay style.
  12. I really like the idea of setting up a camera system and linking cameras to a monitor somewhere. This is (sort of) a feature in space engineers and it has helped the game in so many ways. Just be sure to allow the camera to rotate when viewing! Though to save on game processing resources, I think it would best for these camera feeds to not be constantly live broadcasting on a screen itself. Instead a person would need to press a button to view the camera feed. Additionally the camera could also be mounted on crafts for better visibility when in use. In space engineers it is common to use cameras on fighters because it helps the pilot to see so much more during combat.
  13. welcome to the humble DU family ?
  14. Welcome to Cerberus, we are the pioneers in advancing humanity's ascension throughout the stars. Cerberus is a leader in the latest technologies and design. Believe in Cerberus and secure your role within the future of humanity. Cerberus is not simply an organization, group, individual, or thought. Cerberus is an idea, an idea that humanity shall not be restrained nor bound by any voice or power seeking to infringe our long awaited destiny. Cerberus is the combination of countless minds working in collaboration to achieve this idea. We cannot be so easily brushed away or swept aside in times of adversity. The past mistakes of our forefathers long ago shall never been repeated and the lessons learned from losing our world shall never be forgotten. Cerberus is seeking applicants for all skill sets and talent, see below. We have a universe to create and that universe will be built by our beliefs and determination of a greater future. Apply today! If seeking application, apply at our page below then join our discord. Please ask any questions or concerns there. Our Discord https://discord.gg/xNKCCcZ We are seeking willing and dedicated individuals in the following categories. - Mining - Transport - Design - Construction - Programming - Negotiation - Leadership - Trade - Piloting - Security - Media **all time zones are welcome** If you possess talents, skills, experience, or ambitions outside of the displayed categories, Cerberus can find a role for you. We need individuals and groups dedicated to a goal and common cause. If you are purely seeking financial income, we have a role for you. If you wish to work independently, we have a role for you. If you require the guidance of a group, we have a role for you. We offer safety backed by several organizations as well as recognition for dedication and so much more. Additionally, Cerberus is always seeking subsidiaries. If your group or organization is interested in merging with Cerberus, please contact us for negotiation. Cerberus values skilled and dedicated personnel over any other resource. Cerberus is expanding, thus we require invested and dedicated minds for our ever growing needs. Cerberus will be a leading organization for many years to come and we will be a deciding factor in the future of this universe, we will not repeat past mistakes of our forefathers. Cerberus is also seeking neutrality with any and all organizations. We are a trade business at heart and wish to provide equal prosperity to all of our associates and partners. Please contact us via the discord link above for any agreement proposals. Our organization https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/cerberus All Cerberus news, events and updates will be provided here, our discord, and approved media outlets. Please do not distribute our information elsewhere without direct permission. **this page and other locations of Cerberus are currently under construction until further development**
  15. I do not believe there is a limitation on how many res nodes a player/org can use. So just have a variety of locations chosen for your node placement. It would be pretty difficult to stop someone from attacking/grieving you if their res node had a safe zone bubble around it.
  16. I like the idea of the player's body being persistent in the world. I do not play Rust, but I like how players cannot simply "disappear" or use other age old methods of exploiting a game to win, such as combat logging. Having a logged out player inside a cryopod or some kind of shell/case would be easier on system resources to complete. The cryopod does not have to be transparent showing the body, a simple red or green light will due for indication of occupancy. As for a person logging out at random, the system would need to leave the body or basic human 3d placeholder in some type of form or another to comply with the meaning of persistence. I really hope NQ will add these features!
  17. Given how the decent ships cost hundreds and up to thousands of real world money and how the game has progressed little from what was originally promised back in 2011. Star Citizen just seems like a glorified cash grab that continues to dangle the carrot in front of people with small new features to keep them interested or draw in more people. I get why some people are so hopeful for SC and that is because they have sank incredible amounts of personal money into it. The game has profited hundreds of millions from people and it still provides so little in return. But hey, as soon as you give them that next $100 the game will be better. Then the next $100 will actually get the game done and it remains a never ending loop of just a little more. I hope people enjoy paying for those expensive cars and housing the creators of SC now have. Because surely those items will make the game better, and hey just a little more help in donations will get the game done, they promise. ?
  18. Why not just build a board to suit this purpose?
  19. Hey all, so I have a couple thoughts or concerns regarding the Territory Unit. Having the ability to claim a section of land is a great feature for sure. But what prevents people from grieving with a TU when someone else has already built on the land/grid without one? Would a TU cause the blocks inside the grid space to no longer be owned by the original owner if someone places a TU there; or prevent the original owner from editing them because this stranger now owns the land instead? My biggest concern is someone placing a TU on land where someone else has built something then use the features of the TU as a form of grieving via locking the original owner from their creations. My solution to this problem (if it exists) is the TU cannot claim land if another x amount of owned construction is already within the grid. My other concern is displaying grid ownership on the map. I would like the ability to "hide" ownership of a grid from being publicly highlighted on the world map. To me, a big red spot on the map showing claimed territory to anyone looking at it, is like a big red marker saying "raid me". In dense populated locations or safe zones, this would not be a concern. But what about the people who move away from the crowds that want to claim land? It becomes near impossible to hide your base or rare resources from people if your claimed territory can be easily located by anyone who holds a map. Imagine if you moved to another world and within a day of claiming land there was a large group that just instantly found you because of your owned map marker. It would be very disheartening to continue the game if someone did not understand how they were so quickly found. This is all guess work to say the least, but without clarification on the limits of the TU, it is hard to say what can be possible or impossible. I am use to playing space engineers where land cannot be claimed. So I understand the necessary parts of hiding your property if you do wish for someone else to steal it. SE lacks any form of a TU therefor it was never a concern someone else could take my land and creations from under my feet by merely placing a TU and claiming ownership. I have not played DU yet and much of this is speculation, but without knowing the limits of the TU more and more concerning thoughts of grieving come to mind.
  20. Hmm I will share one of my current SE projects then. =p **redacted images** As for the topic at hand, I think the game would greatly benefit from a sliding blast door/plating to cover windows during combat. In SE we have to turn doors sideways or using buggy pistons/rotors to create window covers. It would be wonderful is DU can with a purpose built option for this additional protection.
  21. Having two factor account login would greatly reduce harm done by hackers. Your account being hacked would set a person back in huge amounts of lost time and I bet it would be enough reason for a person to give up if they login and everything is gone.
  22. I saw the thread rallying fellow Eve players that are gathering in DU and I wanted to ask the same from my beloved space engineers community! So maybe this thread will inspire others to post a thread asking the players of their own favorite games to rally together as they wait for DU. I think it would be very neat to see all the different player communities coming together to play in Duel Universe! I have been a very on and off space engineers player since 2013. When I first purchased the game I mainly spent twoyears just watching others play the game on youtube. During the past three years since 2015 I have been building more consistently in the game and I enjoy creating unique and sleek designs. I enjoy space engineers for its build your own world style of gameplay with a mix of scifi. But after five years the endless unfinished features, incomplete block sets, forgotten promises, required mods to fix age old problems, and general let down of the game. It has all taken its toll on my enthusiasm for the future of the game. I still greatly enjoy space engineers and I may still continue to play it even after DU releases. But by far space engineers is no where near the game and quality it should have been by now. Most of all, I enjoy the space engineers community and most of all enjoy all the unique designs. Dual Universe seems to have taken many notes from space engineers because after watching the hour long dev gameplay. I honestly was amazed at how well I understood what the devs were doing and how to already play the game because it was so similar to space engineers. I feel confident when I say, I believe any seasoned space engineers player will easily be able to adjust to this game and thrive. In my opinion, DU is basically everything space engineers should of been and every feature that should of been in the game from the start. So what is your story?? original thread:
  23. I am a long time space engineers player and first heard of DU at E3. I instantly fell in love with the concept of a real build your own universe game. I am already a bronze backer and may upgrade in the future if things still continue to improve. For me, DU is everything space engineers should of been but never will be. After watching the hour long dev gameplay video, I can see how easily it is for a seasoned SE player to start playing in DU because so many of the systems and methods are nearly identical but completely improved. I noticed little things from SE, star citizen, eve, and empyrion during that dev gameplay video. It really looks like the devs took the best aspects from all these games and forged something that is worth a try. My biggest worry comes down to how the game will perform once the world puts the server under load. It took SE many years to finally improve their online laggy mess and I can imagine DU will have the same growing pains for a long time. In all honesty, if NQ would promote more about the game monthly subscriptions can be bought with ingame currency I could see many more people becoming interested in the game. The monthly subscription is the biggest player repellent and until today (after much research) I found out DAC can be purchased via ingame currency. (just not currently) NQ needs to tell more people that this is happening and DU will become more popular very quickly. People would be willing to pay a monthly subscription once or twice if they can earn future gameplay time from ingame earnings. If NQ keeps this idea beyond release, I commend them.
  24. Thanks for asking this question Steven, I have been very curious if/when this will be happening.
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