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  1. Hi folks, I pledged the "Sponsor Pack" quite a time ago. In the description it says, that it contains two beta keys, that can be gifted. Since the newest announcement and FAQ to the beta release on 27.8. includes a monthly fee for "non-backers", I wonder if the two friends I want to invite will have to pay that fee. I'm just not 100% sure, if this will be the case. Could anyone clarify on that, please ? Thx, and looking forward to 27.8. ?
  2. Hello there, when looking on the roadmap it looks like the "rise of society" takes place completely in alpha + beta and will be fully developed when the game is released. So my question is, will there be any kind of "World-RESET" (or Extension) on release in 2020/21 or will the world persist from alpha/beta-phase. I'm just curious how the plans are, because "normal players" joining on release won't experience the whole "rise of nations thing".
  3. Ok. They even mentioned in the video that they are planning to remove NPC-traders at a certain point in the game. Until then they will have to maintain a 'good population' of products and money on the server I guess. That is where the subscription-based model comes into the mix. ;-) Thanks for your answers. I think those guys made their homework. Looking forward to the game. CU
  4. Although. Am I right, that the behavior of those NPC-traders will be adjusted over time according to (player-driven) events in the game ?
  5. LOL. I thought OP for Operator. All right then. :-)
  6. Ok. I can see now. That is, what I was asking for. Thank you.
  7. Exactly. So OPs are those magicians in the background ?
  8. I can see your point. But again: selling stuff doesnt generate money at all. Its just transfered to another player. :-) Maybe I'm missing something. I never played EVE. The video made it clearer to me. So I guess they will have those NPC-traders (global-faucets) to initialize a self-sustaining economy in the starting phase and to maintain balance further on.
  9. Thanks for the quick response. Market in general is neither a faucet nor a sink imo because the total amount of money in the game stays the same. Q2 meant any faucet (money-source) beside markets (call it 'global-faucet' if you will). From what you explained, I tend to call it CASE2 (no 'global-faucets'). Also how is the destruction of ships a faucet ? Addendum: If there are 'global-faucets' (A2 = YES), players could start off with zero money, but again there could be 'CASE1/4-problems'.
  10. Hello there. So there was a new market video today on youtube. The devs explain the market interface and how you can sell and buy stuff. Seems pretty simple, but as always, lots of questions arise, the longer I think about a certain mechanic. So here are my thoughts and questions when it comes to economy: In the video the player has 5.000 credits (or whatever). If players would have no money right from the start, no one can ever place a buy-order and markets won't work at all. Q1.) Will every new player have the exact same amount of money to start off with ? Q2.) Will there be any 'money-sources' for players in the game where money can be earned from (total amount of 'money-per-player' is increasing) ? Q3.) Will there be any 'money-sinks' where money can be destroyed (total amount of 'money-per-player' is decreasing) ? It really blows my mind when it comes to economy in MUDs (multi user dungeons). I dont know how this was considered by the devs in other games before, but I think it is very important in terms of economic stability. CASE 1) So what will happen, when the answer to Q1+Q2 is YES and the answer to Q3 is NO ? (total amount of money will be ALWAYS increasing): RISK - Due to inflation, the value of money will decrease and new players wont be able to afford things in the game. CASE 2) What will happen, when the answer to Q1+3 is YES and the answer to Q2 is NO ? (total amount of money will be ALWAYS decreasing): RISK - At a certain point there will be almost no money left in the game, unless new players pop in. And even this short bursts will cease to exist quickly. CASE 3) The answer to Q1 is YES and the answer to Q2+3 is NO ? (amount of 'money-per-player' will ALWAYS BE STABLE): RISK - New players could be broke quickly because of 'bad decisions'. CHANCE - Broke players could gather materials or provide service to other players to earn money. CASE 4) A1+2+3 = YES RISK - Potentially unstable value of money (see CASE1+2). So CASE 3 seems to be safe scenario here. What do you think ?
  11. Hey there. I'm thinking about pledging the 'contributor pack', because I really like the concept of this game. I guess it was mentioned before somewhere, but I want to make sure I got it right: I will have access to ALPHA2 which will follow right after ALPHA1. I will also have access to BETA which is 'included' in Alpha2-Access. I will have an ADDITIONAL BETA KEY, which I can gift to a friend in order to let him join the beta. Hope you dont mind my insistence. Thanks.
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