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  1. Part of the point of this game is to rebuild civilization after Earth has been destroyed. It's less about leveling up your tools and crafting new ones, and more about constructing your ship to travel to a new planet. When they say crafting, it's not crafting such as Minecraft crafting. It's more to do with pieces of a puzzle that make up an engine, turbine, oxygen generator, and so on. This means that there isn't much of a need for multiple building tools. On the other hand, it could work. If, for example, an organization uncovered an alien artifact. Perhaps our existing tool isn't 'smart' enough to understand and recreate the alien technology. In this sense, I'd understand the need for another, more advanced building tool. Another example would be a rare and valuable material. Our current Nanoformer may not be powerful enough to harvest this material, and it may require an upgrade, or even a new and more powerful tool altogether. Both sides make sense to me. Anyone else have any thoughts? By the way, welcome to the forums!
  2. You are very welcome, MasteredRed. We're brothers in virtual arms! I will continue to contribute to both the DUA and Dual Universe as best I can. Onward lads.
  3. Man, this made my day. You people at NQ are such lads <3
  4. Crafting... Do you even game, bro. Does IGN even gamer, bros.
  5. Dominar


    The Devs have pretty much confirmed that there will be creatures such as animals and some kind of alien life forms to populate planets. However, they have also said that there will probably not be alien races that are as, if not more intelligent than humans. When I say aliens, all I really mean is lifeforms that are animal-like, but are new to us humans. (As we consider anything that originates outside of Earth to be...well, alien)
  6. Who is the guy in the video... Who is the guy in the video?!? WHO IS THE GUY IN THE VIDEO- *Cough* AH, fu@#$@*&!$ *Splutter* *Splatter* *Cough some more* *Much cough- *cough** Whoever he is, props to you. Props to you, good sir.
  7. Nein. Das ist fantastisch, though. I am part German by birth, but my German doesn't extend very far just yet.
  8. Excellent. Sign me up for the Military Corps. I'll gladly lead, if not, follow.
  9. The only game you listed I have is DayZ I do have SE, but it barely runs on my Dell Laptop.
  10. Oh dear. Light without dark? There's no such thing-/*$&$%!^@#*%&@^#^! I think it's awesome that the first DU Religion is in place (Is it the first one? )
  11. Custom building tools also falls under addons. As I already said, you usually do not find custom mods on an MMO. It's highly impractical. Every player would need to install the mod in order for the server to work properly and in order for players to be able to join. To resolve this, the devs could always include the mod inside the game's files. However, with so many people submitting mods, the size of the game would rise exceedingly quickly. All it does is add time and work for the devs. An MMO is not a game for modding. That's why you never see mods on any other MMO game outside of the game's main servers. Such as WoW. It's been modded, but not on the main servers. To play the mod, you need to host your own dedicated server or join an existing server that is hosting the mod. It is even more impractical for DU because there is going to be a single server for all players to play on, and no software released to allow players to host their own servers. One server. Do not expect mods to happen. While it is possible, it's highly unlikely. There are many other reasons why it's probably not going to happen, as there are reasons why it could happen. Textures, however, are more than possible. They are almost necessary. For custom faction flags, ranks, ship decals, etc.
  12. The DUA is already a good example. We are a nation type faction and plan on having an entire Government in place.
  13. Turtle Jerking Definitely something worth trying. Trains, while very old, are not outdated. Even in the space age, they have their uses. I'd definitely use them for my faction's home world and any other planet we control. In fact, I'm pretty sure there are many factions who plan on using this system. Including my own faction.
  14. Having a look at the latest video released by the Devs, it seems that it may actually be possible to have a simple FPS style player vs player combat. Outside of ship combat. Sure, everything you said still applies, @Ostris. However, according to the video, it takes several hundred meters distance before players are no longer updated instantly. Here is the link to the video. https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/1225-devdiary-massively-multiplayer-server-technology-video/
  15. Dominar

    Realistic sound

    Well, if this is any hint, the devs are going for "Photo-Realistic Graphics". Perhaps they will aim for realistic sound as well.
  16. I'll be doing my best as well. I would love to be part of the Alpha testing phase.
  17. I see. Well, if this is true then I'm not expecting much in terms of player vs player combat, outside of ships
  18. Mods are usually something you don't see in a MMO. Perhaps custom textures, but not full scale addons.
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