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  1. Vault is aimed at being the largest neutral market for ship designers to showcase & sell their ships. Toroidal is a R&D organisation. No we do not pay orgs to do our research, in which they can use.. Sorry I don't quite understand what you mean, could you perhaps rephrase your question ? Toroidal is a private R&D organisation. "R&D" refers to the investigative activities this org will conduct to improve existing products/constructs and procedures or to lead to the development of new products and procedures. Sponsorship packages WILL VARY from one organisation to another and even project to project. This is to make sure we can offer the best possible solution for your organisation.
  2. "Progressing society in leaps and bounds"We are a small non-profit R&D organisation compromised of the finest hand selected engineers, designers and industry scientists from all over the galaxy. Our lead research team will have the responsibility of developing the very first Star-gates. -Sponsored by the "YOUR ORG HERE" organisation. A 2nd team will primarily work alongside the industry experts in resource extraction, to research & develop a project aptly named "Celestial body harvester 9000" or CBH9. -Sponsored by the "YOUR ORG HERE" organisation.The 3rd and final team will be responsible for maintaining our HQ and its underground production facilities. -Sponsored by us here at Toroidal R&D For a "Sponsor requirements pack" Please send me a private message (Please legates only) Sponsors may remain anonymous if they wish. Only 1 sponsor per project Top secret projects available by request. Also can expressions of interest for the PAID position of Team-leader be addressed via Private mail Please Do not be offended if you are not selected Team-leader positions will require a certain level daily attendance and skill
  3. Games supported on linux already Personally I'm quite hopeful for seeing DU run on linux. I think it is less upto the developers and more upto Linux users tbh ;P If DUs in-game scripting resembles the likes of gmod,(pic below) I'm assuming there may be fellow programmers playing DU And to be honest, i wouldn't be surprised to see it on Wines App List running in no time at all
  4. After having some more time to think about it, and considering my goals, I will add 1 DAC to the prize pool for every 50 members joined before public release (Currently limited @ 10x DAC) In the event of reaching 500+ members, a 2nd and 3rd smaller token prize of 1 DAC will be gifted too. Our primary objective will be to provide a orbital venue with both ship designing facilities and marketplace, providing the "Go-to" market for interstellar travel. Designers, Coders & Shipbuilders regardless of organisational association will be able collaborate, create and craft their ships at the time as receiving a passive income from our marketplace. We will strive to have the largest library of not only the finest LUA code available, but also the largest show room of ships available for test piloting, leasing or purchasing.
  5. Every member that joins before the public release of the game will go into the draw to win FREE DAC! CLICK HERE TO APPLY

  7. Ive searched high and low but cannot find any information pertaining to "Closed beta release date" Im aware the Official release has been pushed back to 2018, how ever i cant wait that long and am wondering wether or not it is worth Pledging higher for alpha(If viable) or just waiting for Beta??????? -Morz
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