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  1. Lethality


    Well, there is this battery concept... which looks as if it might be a physical thing, to swap out? If that's what you mean. Still not clear.
  2. I'm certain that NQ is looking at all of those things (prioritize, maybe at least stub out the foundational stuff that would be important hooks later on to work on.) I'm really glad they're saying "no for release" in many cases, because that means they are resistant to scope creep which has affected many (especially crowdfunded space) games
  3. Lethality


    I'm all-for the physicalization of all items in the game world! Even non-cargo stuff. But certainly encumbrance constrains (both weight and size, maybe others - perishability for food items? Need refrigerated storage, etc) would/could play a huge role in the economy
  4. It's say good luck finding games to play. Because none of them with anywhere near the scope of DU are going to fit your criteria.
  5. I like to think of it as a service, which it really is. And I know to support services (technical infrastructure, customer support, ongoing development, etc), there has to be a baseline revenue stream.. a steady subscription forms that base! Don't forget there is no $60 cost (or any cost) to actually buy the game as well, and you can buy subscription months just by playing the game. Seeing as how this game is crowdfunded and privately funded, all of the revenue goes back to the developers not a publisher and you can bet JC and team will reinvest substantially into bringing new features and content to the game!
  6. That's really not true at all. The grade of materials makes all the difference in the output of the product... so it's another layer, on TOP of your refining process, that should make a difference. If I take the time to gather grade A pure iron as opposed to grade C pure iron, there should be a difference in the output of the product I'm making. If it's a gun, maybe more durability. If it's a radar dish, perhaps it's higher density. But beyond quality/grade, I'd like to see materials have properties as well - for example, weight, conductivity, strength, etc And different combinations of those materials could make them the right choice for project A, and a different combination of those material attributes could make a better choice for project B.
  7. I'd normally agree... but... this is serving up the potential for the population centers to be player driven. So, if cities spring up with a good economy and other elements, that's where players will go. We truly haven't had that, not even in SWG. So the universe may be massive, ripe for exploration... but just like real humans, we'll gravitate to small parts of it when we need to feel grounded
  8. Really impressive guys! It seems like you've got a real tech breakthrough that breaks down a lot of the barriers for this kind of concept... And any time you cite Ready Player One as a goal, is fine by me
  9. Will there be "personal" level crafting, as well as manufacturing/production opportunities?
  10. I think with Discord it basically obsoletes all other text chat and voice programs... can we get a DU community Discord going instead? I'd be glad to set it up and act as an administrator, would just need some moderators!
  11. Well, in my experience... pay-to-play, and particular subscription-based games, have always delivered a better game for my money. I'd go so far as to say I'd pay upwards of $50 a month for the right kind of gaming service... I mean, think how cheap that is compared to almost any other form of entertainment, most of which last just one night! Dinner with my wife, movie with my nephews, hockey game with friends... $50 bucks/month would be a steal Either way, I'm interested in paying people for services I use... ! But I don't like a monetization model that forces designers to consider it in their design.
  12. Hey all! I love looking at images of a game, especially early on... so I took a sec to pull together what I believe to be a comprehensive gallery of every Dual Universe image shared publicly to date - from Facebook, Twitter, the website... wherever I could find them! Concept Art - imgur.com/a/FUKBW Artwork - imgur.com/a/8OB0u Screens - imgur.com/a/HUNNk Misc - http://imgur.com/a/Vx6X8 If you know of any other sources, or images that are missing, let me know! I'm also going to try and go back to add descriptions when there are some available. Very excited by what you guys are doing with this game... glad to be a part of the community!
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