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  1. If I remember well, when the repulsion has been exposed a long time ago, they exposed too that they will reconsider it when teh AvA will be considered.
  2. If you checked today PTS release change log, they fixed it. And if you read the older PTS change logs, they fixed multiple exploits Anyway, I like this PTS release ! So much Lua 😅
  3. Was curious to see what is an emergency (because all players say their request is emergency ^^' ) but I have to admit ... I didn't understand your point 😅 What do you want to add ? @teso91
  4. Globaly, I like the idea ! The docking and boarding rights use is logical. The build helper addition is good to be able to monitor it. Anyway ... the docking procedure become more "complex", more steps. A thing that could be not appreciated. Could be may be improved later with a right management with Lua, to be able to implement board system asking docking request and autorize by Lua ...etc The boarding system ... humm.. on one side, it's good to control who is in your construct. And think about expositions with the "deactivated" status is good. Just certainly consider to reauthorize entering of players in active constructs when we will have to ways to defend, with the AvA. Currently, considering there is no ways to act against a players, I'm for ! Good addition ! 👍
  5. We don't know anything about the new system. And yes existing systems will be broken. And ? It's not a reason to say it's shitty 😅 It will just give a new support of developpement. And more possibilities. We even don't know what kind of limits we will have 😅 For HTML/CSS it was the characters, and it was heavily impacting performances. On FPS aspect and data transfer aspect. And it seems hugely better on that... so wait to test. I will may be say it's a huge shit after testing it. But for the moment, I stay optimistic Be optimistic sometimes ^^'
  6. Nothing say it's limiting possibilites, wait and test. But I agree on the fact it's missing informations
  7. The script size limit is not a real limit. You can simply store code or UIs so, in databanks and extend so your limit. I do it all times to load, unload libs and heavy UIs.
  8. I recommend to wait for the PTS openning to test it and judge. It seems to bring more power and better display rate. It's not because it change or break things done before that's absolutly bad 😅 I have so much project which will be broken with it, and ? And wait to test and judge
  9. We discussed with Naerais yesterday ...I'm suspicious ? Source ?
  10. Love it ! Continue like that ! And keep people in news THe next quesiton is ... VOXEL EDIOTR when ? 🤣
  11. Like it ! We need know a DRM system for Lua libraries. We need to be able to install a lib on library slots of controlers, which could be protected by a DRM. Allowing us to sell or give technologies protected, and useable to create custom sytems / APIs ...etc based on created technologies. For example, to install games on existing construct, or install a navigation system on existing construct, or install technologies with API made by the reator to interact with it ...etc I'm really waiting for it ! But it's a good first step !
  12. I agree that this will clearly not please everyone ^^ ' However, it is important to remember that this is not a game in creative mode, solo / co-op with a lifespan of 50 hours. Currently, far too many things are simple, and the complexity is .... no it's not the right word .... accessibility, that's better ^^ ' The accessibility is too high, everyone can do everything so easily, no need for other players directly or in direct, little cooperative effort ... etc In short, people find it hard to see the game as an MMO whose goal is to build a new civilization at the moment, and an infinite one to take, manage, create its role in this world. Anyway, why am I saying that ??! Well because without wanting to criticize, even if I know that a lot of people will fall on me ... well the players want everything to be simple, accessible ... etc to play quietly in their corner and do everything so easily . And that goes through the elements, the industry, the management of the damages ... etc Anyway, after this intro, basically, I'm clearly positive about adding a final destruction! It is clearly a necessity! (and contrary to what we hear, many games have definitive destruction, because it is a need to have an economy that runs, even on management games ... etc. everything is CONSUMED it comes back to the same) . BUT ! I am not necessarily in favor of this system of life, even if I REMIND IT, IT IS A FIRST ITERATION, THEREFORE TEMPORARY and INTENDED to change. This is why I am much more in favor: 1 single life for all the elements (a destroyed element should not logically reshape by wonder) much more HP for the elements a degree of performance directly linked to the HP of the element ( fuel consumption, t50, thrust, tracking speed ...etc) What's the idea, before I get spit on me ^^ ', the idea is to make the complete destruction less frequent, but still impactful. Some examples to explain: In PVP, we could have a lot less elements destroyed but a lot of damaged. This will keep value to recover in combat, while allowing to weaken a target. For ship crashes, well some elements yes would be completely destroyed, and IT MAKES LOGIC if you spit yourself out, but a good part would be damaged, even sometimes close to destruction. This will avoid having second-hand pieces lying around for nothing because they have X lives on Y ... etc Obviously, the idea will greatly benefit from a recycling system to create the scraps, from destroyed elements, since the DESTROYED elements SHOULD NOT DISAPPEAR BY MAGIC ^^ ' There you go, now you can spit on me because I have circumscribed the players who want everything simple and easy and without fuss ^^ '
  13. You have all our support ! It's comprehensive And thanks for the topic to explain the situation !
  14. Same opinion than @spaceforger , I think it's useless
  15. discordauth:ocq4QbF4zrCqxwtAHvLpIMWawwWmBn4kbOYeG2B6Yiw=

  16. Hello everyone! My name is Elias Villd, an engineer in high-speed fluid dynamics, I arrived in this galaxy not long ago. Although many of the colonizers who arrived in this galaxy were hired by many companies, I arrived here as an independent. I think that my abilities as a computer developer and my knowledge of space engineering can be useful to a corporation. More seriously, my name is Rémy, I'm French, I'm 23 years old and I'm an engineer in fluid transfer in real life. I love the space, and I was excited to join the world of Dual Universe. However, I wished to wait to see its evolution. And I was not disappointed! The Novaquark team faces a serious challenge and produces a wonderful game. I can't wait to build beautiful things with you! Being a passionate developer, I've developed a lot in community projects (in C # and Lua mainly). I hope to develop great systems with my skills. (I hope my English is correct enough. ? )
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