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  1. hey, thanks for sharing this, i would work on a quick update in order to display on the Main screen (history screen) the time of the last try to come inside Would you be interested in ? Nivu
  2. Thanks a lot for this , i hate CSS and Really helpfull for me to create nice Screen. Well documented !! Maybe ( for new develloper) , you can add the example in the video directly in the code in comment. Thanks a lot for this
  3. Hello, could you please update this list with Tetractys as a French corporation. Mainly focus on built-in ship and spare part distribution. This organisation is available on https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/1820/ Thanks for this update. Nivu
  4. discordauth:z3qrBlEvrvhxr8u16ZJcUdQUfHlS8ICStkg72osnk7g=

  5. Hi this game seem to be my kind of game , i will try
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